William Mistele, who now lives in Hawaii, is one of North America’s great esotericists. He calls himself a spiritual anthropologist and a “professional contemplator”. In everything he has to say about the different traditions and his own life it becomes clear that for William Mistele there exists no possibility to separate esoteric experience and life from our day-to-day mundane experience, it is obvious to him that science and spirituality are just two faces of the same coin.

Being also a renowned teacher, he says: “I want my students to take advantage of the uniqueness of the spiritual potential of this planet!” He  encourages all practitioners and students to adopt a system as a base, but develop it in the individual way that is adapted to each one of them.

Bill tells us a lot about his youth, the very special family he grew up in, how women have always played an important role in his life by introducing him to new paths. He also talks about the differences between the Western and the Eastern tradition and how he came across the work of Franz Bardon, which became a life-changing experience for him. Bill’s energy is making the hour-long interview fly by.

Also check out the web-links (below), which contain a treasure of information and do not miss checking in on William Mistele’s Facebook page from time to time to find his regular thoughts about our world.

Show Notes and Links

Music played

Intro Music: Wendy Rule – from the CD “Deity”: Think of the Day ASP – from the CD “Per aspera ad astra”: Zaubererbruder Blind Guardian – from the CD “Nightfall in Middle Earth”: Nightfall Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart – from “Die Zauberflöte” (The Magic Flute): Final Scene – Die Strahlen der Sonne Outro Music: Wendy Rule – from the CD “Deity”: Night Sea Journey

Some links about Franz Bardon

Franz Bardon on Wikipedia
A website dedicated to Franz Bardon
Falcon Books – Bardon page
Archiv Hermetischer Texte (mostly german)


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