Welcome to Season 10 of the Thoth-Hermes Podcast, dedicated to scholarly exploration of the Western Mystery Tradition.

In this opening episode, Rudolf re-engages with Italian-American author David Pantano. David provides a dizzying timeline of occult development in the landscape that has become modern Italy. In the spirit of the Golden Bough (Fraser), David’s book “The Magic Door” (2019) provides the canopy for honoring a history beginning with the European Wild West of Hesperia, embracing the varying definitions and forms of The Sacred through a culture’s dynamic development. This Italic mythological history has repeatedly and deeply connected into international occulture.

The conversation ranges from the importance of authentic linguistic diversity in both exoteric and esoteric reading to the appearance of Roman-era tripartite alchemical initiatory cosmology. Ovid, Virgil and the later Dante all receive citation, in addition Compano, and Ficino. The conversation explores Giordano Bruno’s complex contributions not only to esotericism but larger practices such as the Art of Memory (in recent resurgence). We learn of the recent restoration of The Magic Door itself, with its multi-faith, multi-linguistic alchemical script… illustrating the tripartite.

The repeated interaction, collusion and co-opting between Church and State are clearly acknowledged, as well as the pre-Rennaisance use of Magical Realism to influence the collective imagination towards the ideal of State. David and Rudolf take time to examine the influence of the UR Group, its writings, and ethical questions surrounding the figure of Julius Evola. David expresses his analysis that Evola, while holding controversial views, did repeatedly publicly and privately reject fascism David and Rudolph emphasize the rejection of hero worship toward any thinker, writer, or historical figure and the responsibility for sustained personal inner work as a bulwark against extremism.

Pantano also invites the audience to contact him personally to further discuss or question any aspect of his writing or this interview.

In the interview, David and I mentioned a few times the new edition of the collected publications of the UR-Group. Below you find a picture of this edition.

By clicking on one of the images you will be brought to the corresponding page of the publishers – Inner Tradition.

Music played in this episode

And once again I am happy to present the music by one of our listeners! Joshua Kirch has sent me his beautiful work already more than a year ago, but now finally after the break I can happily present it to you:

Josh Kirch is a musician and composer who started with guitar, and he soon moved to classical guitar and performing in a guitar trio – really enjoying the range of repertoire and especially the Renaissance pieces available. This eventually led him to start learning the lute and cello.
His compositions often mix electronic elements with classical and early music instrumentation and themes, as well as more standard rock and folk moments. And as he says himself, his training in magic and the occult has also opened new horizons in regards to his musical work.

You can find him here on Soundcloud


(Track starts at [9:51])


(Track starts at [1:00:11])

3) CENTRAL PILLAR – Final Piece from GATE QUARTETT, followed by his latest work PASTROAL PATHS

(Track starts at [1:38:03])

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especially written and recorded for the Thoth-Hermes Podcast by Chris Roberts

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