It’s the return of a good friend! Today we are joined by John Michael Greer, on Season 10 Episode 6 of Thoth-Hermes podcast. Please see earlier episodes with John Michael to learn more of his prolific background. In this episode, we explore three historic Esoteric minds: Dion Fortune, John Gilbert, and Mouni Sadhu (the “silent monk”). We also hear of his upcoming 7-volume release (theme: “tentacles”) and pragmatic thoughts on the balance of Making a Living and Making a Difference as an author and occultist.

With John Michael’s usual good humor, we are provided with perspective around publishing’s norm of an audience “with the attention span of a hyperactive gnat”, and the dry statement “religion in the United States is not like religion anywhere else”. Along the way, we also get to hear some plain truths around Harry Potter, and in John Michael’s opinion the “one thing Crowley got right” (hint: it’s stellar).

John Michael and Rudolf look at some of the gifts we inherit collectively from Dion Fortune (Violet Mary Firth). One gift is the concept of The Three Rays (devotional, hermetic and nature) as co-creative streams for balance in the development of any spiritual path. A second is, the use of symbols to train the mind in an ongoing process as outlined within her authorship of The Cosmic Doctrine. John Michael also underlines the nuance that during Fortune’s career, there wasn’t yet a tension between Christian and non-Christian occultists.

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John Gilbert, a 20th Century American from Colorado, holds the enigma of having intentionally chosen not to promote his works or an online presence even leading up to the Millenium. John Michael reflects on the reality of “hundreds” of late 20th Century American initiates who made a similar choice. These important acknowledgements lead into a conversation that includes details on the Universal Gnostic Church, a tiny schism from the founding of Unitarian Universalism.

Mouni Sadhu (Mieczyslaw Demetriusz Sudowski) wrote several books John Michael cites as formative in his own esoteric development, including “The Tarot” and “Concentration”. John Michael introduces listeners to several Sadhu titles, and encourages any deck designers to consider collaborating with him, using Sadhu’s work as the basis for a design.

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Paulina Gruffman is a PhD Candidate in the History of Religions at Lund University. Her research surrounds Cambridge Classicist, occultist, and early historian of ancient religion, G.R.S. Mead (1863–1933). Building on her M.A. thesis on Mead’s role in the Theosophical Society (Stockholm University, 2021), her forthcoming dissertation is the first in-depth biographical study of Mead’s life and work, and considers his role in the formation of the comparative study of religion, as well as his impact on a range of important scholars in the field, including C.G. Jung, Gershom Scholem, Mircea Eliade, and Henry Corbin.

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