This episode’s guest is someone who rarely gives interviews so it is an exceptional pleasure to welcome Rawn Clark who also practices what he preaches and since starting in the 1990s has written quite a large number of influential books on meditation, healing, and self-knowledge.

Actually, Rawn who might be best-known for his work ‘A Bardon Companion: Initiation Into Hermetics’ has just published his most recent book ‚Book of Aries: Magic of Essential Meaning & The Path of Brilliance’ and of course we will talk about this and his other works as well such as ‘The 231 Gates of Initiation: & The 32 Paths of Wisdom Tarot’, ‘Permutations of the Tree: The 182 Gates of the Gra Tree of Life’ and ‘Love Letter to a Dying World: A Handbook for Humanity’.

Some of our listeners may know Rawn from his website through which he has done a wonderful job to promote the theories and practices of Czech Republic occult practitioner and magician Franz Bardon who has written three main books ‘Initiation into Hermetics’, ‘The Practice of Magical Evocation’ and The True Quabbalah’. Although new content is not being added anymore, the website remains a great resource for anyone who aims to dig further into Bardon and his work, you can find the address in the show notes.


Born in 1958 in Oklahoma, Rawn spent most of his life in California and his earliest memories include himself being out in the woods experiencing nature and having the sense of the world being a magical place. Growing up in a family of agnostic Unitarian atheists he found an encouraging environment and started out with reading Carlos Castaneda, going on to devour books on occultism in his 20s.

While Rawn was working as a house cleaner in the 1980s he discovered two books in a library he was in at that moment. One was Aleister Crowley’s ‘Magic in Theory and Practice’ and the other was Franz Bardon’s ‘Inititation into Hermetics’. He borrowed them but was not able to finish the first one so he picked up the second and hasn’t really put it down ever since.

In this episode we will talk a lot about what exactly it is that makes Bardon’s works still so relevant and attractive for the 21st century practitioner. Rawn will generously share his personal experiences with the Bardon method, telling us how he felt about the transformations and the contacts. We will also point out differences between Bardon’s system and classical hermeticism and touch upon the various fluids behind the elements where he borrowed a lot from modern physics. As many people find sticking with Bardon’s 10-step-system demanding to say at least, Rawn aims to demystify some expectations and preconceptions of this work. Furthermore, he will give us some insights what it really takes to advance with it in terms of time and dedication and define initiation itself as well.

This is NOT a picture of Rawn Clark, but of EMIL STEJNAR

Stejnar is reckoned to be the successor of the famous magician Franz Bardon. (english webpage here) I have often been asked if his books were also available in English. Well, now finally eight of them are, the others in preparation. 

Here is a link to the ENGLISH language page of the website where his book are presented.

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