Today’s guest is Naomi Ozaniec, who – as we will learn in the first part of the interview – ist not only deeply involved in ancient Kemetic “religion”, but also a specialist in Chakras, the Tarot and Meditation. She also runs a school duly named “The House of Life” in Portugal, where she lives now, and online.

The Sacred Science of ancient Egypt was an initiatory spiritual system, a technology of consciousness designed to birth a mystical communion with the divinities, an embodied union of being between the eternal and the mortal. After initiation was completed, the re-identified being, now divinely possessed, was known as a Garment of Isis, signifying that the goddess Isis dwelt within them.

Offering a practical guide to the key principles within the Egyptian temple tradition, Naomi Ozaniec explores the process of creating and developing a personal relationship with the Neteru, the divinities and forces of creation of ancient Egypt. In her recent book “Becoming a Garment of Isis”, she details the nine stages of this initiatory path, which are divided into three phases–heartmind, spiritmind, and soulmind. This step-by-step, interactive process culminates in a ceremony called The Crown of Isis. Naomir provides profound guided meditations and illustrates the manifestation of the initiate’s powers through stories of awakening brought on by this spiritual path. She also shares her personal journey as a Garment of Isis and her own powerful interactions with Isis.

Music played in this episode

The music of HASSAN ISMAIL is back on the podcast! Once again, we play three tracks, intimately linked to the World of the Esoteric Tradition, on the show.

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1) AS WITHIN – Hassan Ismail

(Track starts at [8:00])

2) PYRAMIDS OF LIGHT – Hassan Ismail

(Track starts at [59:46])

3) ENTROPIA – Hassan Ismail

(Track starts at [1:40:52])

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