My guest this week is again someone who really does not need to be introduced in detail, as it is very likely that most of our listeners are familiar to some degree with the personality and works of musician and author Gary Lachman. It is a great pleasure for sure to welcome him back on the show and we’re going to have a great time talking about quite a lot but especially about his two most recently published books, ‘Dreaming Ahead of Time: Experiences with Precognitive Dreams, Synchronicity and Coincidence’ and ‘The Return of Holy Russia: Apocalyptic History, Mystical Awakening and the Struggle for the Soul of the World’.

Gary will tell us about the background of ‘Dreaming Ahead of Time’ which is essentially based on a talk he gave 2019 in London about the state called ‘hypnagogia’, the strange liminal space between being awake and sleeping and how precognition is easily possible during this specific time. He will lead us back into the 1980s where he took his first steps in experimenting with dreams and explain what role a book published in the 1920s by aeronautical engineer J.W. Dunne played in this scenario.

Soon enough our conversation is to become quite philosophical touching upon basic questions of time and its structure and role in language and arts as well as its peculiar trait to be entirely subjective. Gary will also be pointing out the main differences between synchronicity and coincidence and giving us some examples I bet quite a few of our listeners will be able to relate to.

This episode’s second subject will be Gary’s book ‘The Return of Holy Russia’ which was published right at the beginning of the pandemic in March 2020. Gary will provide our audience with some background on how the writing process is connected to his previous book ‘Dark Star Rising’ which was mainly focused on the politics around Trump, the Alt-Right and Chaos Magick. We’ll be talking about Aleksandr Dugin, Putin and trying to illuminate the idea behind their geopolitical ambitions, not in order to justify them, only to understand the context behind them.

Finally, Gary will tell us about his most recent not yet published book on Maurice Nicoll, a Scottish physicist and psychiatrist from the 20th century who was not only studying with Jung but also with Gurdijeff and Ouspensky which makes him a fascinating individual so that Gary decided to write a biography about him.

Music played in this episode

1) SHE GOT ARRESTED – The Interrupters

This track is a tribute to Jack Stratton-Kent, the whole occult community is thinking of him and wishing him speedy recovery from his stroke. (See also the special link on top of this page!)

(Track starts at [6:34])

2) 6th SYMPHONY “PASTORALE” 3rd AND 4th MOVEMENTS – Ludwig van Beethoven

What is Beethoven doing in this podcast? Well, Gary Lachman mentioned this Symphony, so a good reason to play an excerpt!

(Track starts at [59:06])

3) THE GREAT SURRENDER – Krister Linden

(Track starts at [1:31:49])

Intro and Outro Music
especially written and recorded for the Thoth-Hermes Podcast by Chris Roberts

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