One of the greatest and world famous writers of Dark Fiction, or Weird Fiction, or whatever the genre may be called across the planet, Richard Gavin, returns to the show. But while we talked exactly about that type of literature he writes, about his life and backround back then in Episode 9 of Season 5, this time the subject is his non-fiction writing, where he excells just as much – a rarity among writers.

“The Benigthed Path” was his first highly acclaimed publication with Theion Publishing a few years ago. Now, literally a couple of weeks ago (yes, this podcast tries to be as close to the authors and publishers as possible) another book by Richard was published by Theion: “The Infernal Masque”. It is kind of a sequel without really claiming to be just that. And by the way, “The Benighted Path” has also now just been republished in a second edition and will come out as an Auric Edition shortly.

Enjoy a great talk with an intelligent man after which you will see that the Left Hand Path and Ceremonial Magic are finally not far apart in their ideas, more in their means.

From the author of The Benighted Path comes this long-awaited new book that delves further into the nocturnal art. The Infernal Masque explores the vital interplay between primordial darkness and infernal fire. It is the dynamic tension between these two elements that creates the sublime frisson within the flesh and soul of the Initiate, immersing them in the ecstatic tempest of daemonic reality. So awakened, one may consult the legions of the Dead, commune with spirits and eventually participate in the grand danse macabre that is the Infernal Masque itself.

Incorporating the ancient magical principles of the Eidolon, sciomancy, and Theia mania (“divine madness”), along with more contemporary themes such as estrangement and the uncanny as modes of spiritual transformation, this work is a visionary exposition of the numinous powers that vitalize the phenomenal realm from the Netherworld below. Complete with suggestions for practice and ritual, The Infernal Masque is a powerful doorway into strange and seductive realms of true magical power and experience. (c) Theion Publishing

Music played in this episode

What would be a better fit for our subject in this episode than a selection of tracks from that great number of Dark Ambient music that is available out there!

The choice fell on Cryo Chamber from Oregon, and three wonderful tracks by them.

Here is their Bandcamp page.

1) RUINS, by Void Stasis – Cryo Chamber

(Track starts at [6:46])


 (Track starts at [58:15])

3) THE SLOW MARCH OF EXTINCTION, by Dronny Darko & G M Slater – Cryo Chamber

(Track starts at [1:41:32])

Intro and Outro Music
especially written and recorded for the Thoth-Hermes Podcast by Chris Roberts

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