Meet Ian Rees! Ian is a psycho-spiritual psychotherapist practising in Glastonbury Somerset UK. He has been a therapist for 30 years and spent 10 before that working in Probation Work and Social Work at all levels Since 2009 he has concentrated on developing the Annwn Foundation workshops and the Awen training and presents this material in the UK and Israel.

What interests us most here is that he is a highly experienced Qabbalist. First, we talk about his past, how it all started to happen for him, and what seems to be the most important teachings that he could draw of his experience. And we will see that one of the crucial points is to make the correct distinction between “Idol” and “Idea”!

Ian has recently published a book with AEON Publishing (UK), co-authored with Penny Billington, on Dion Fortune on how to use the brilliant insights from her occult novels to master the art of the embodied imagination, discover your vitality, and open up to the clarity and love that arise from the root of your being.

Dion Fortune’s esoteric novels were written as guides to magic and inner development to be used along with her great nonfiction work The Mystical Qabalah. We talk about how to work with her most popular fiction, exploring how the stories and characters can help you integrate the secrets of the Tree of Life and discover what Fortune called “the keys to the temple.”

The book contains an exploration of Fortune’s writings, experiential practices, and a hands-on workbook section, you will learn to utilize the wealth of esoteric wisdom found in The Mystical Qabalah, The Goat-Foot God, The Sea Priestess, The Winged Bull, and Moon Magic’.

But we also speak about a book yet to be published (in September) and which I had the chance to read the manuscript of: “The Tree of Life and Death” is the ultimate workbook for those who want to explore the deep roots of the Qabalah and work with the lost and broken places of the soul and of the universe.

It provides an in-depth exploration of the Qliphoth or Shells and looks at the Shadow or unbalanced aspects of the Tree of Life. It is centered around a fascinating practice of alchemical transmutation which brings these Shells into a balanced relationship with what has been described as “the great bundle of the living”. The Tree of Life and Death will show readers how this was central to the work of Dion Fortune and Aleister Crowley. It identifies the historical root of this work in Ancient Egypt contemplating the concept of Maat or Truth and looks at how this principle becomes pivotal in the development of the Qabalah in working to transform the Qliphoth using the ancient Egyptian forms of the holders of Maat – the Eloquent Peasant, the Good Shepherd, and the Silent Sage – seeing them as key images that enable us to embody truth and balance and promote that quality in all that we touch.


Music played in this episode

The Guitar is very present and central in this week’s musical choice. And two of the three tracks are again gifts from listeners and fans of this podcast, who have provided their music for you!

1) PYRAMIDS OF POWER – Wilburn Burchette

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2) THE MYSTIC – Hasan Ismail

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3) DRUDGE EMBER – Brian Lucas

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especially written and recorded for the Thoth-Hermes Podcast by Chris Roberts

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