Well, what should I say about myself here? Everything you would want to know – or maybe did not even want to know – has been said in the interview. And about myself you find a little article on the website anyway.

So, just to tell you, that I am extremely grateful that I have met so many interesting people in those first 8 seaons and roughly 140 episodes. I would never have imagined that I will be able to talk to the most important authors, occultists, magicians etc. in the field of Western Esoteric Traditions here. And I am so much looking forward to continue to do so.

Also thank you to all the listeners who have followed the show so far. Today we have around 4000 of you a week and that is really great! And special thanks to those who support the show, without you this would not be possible.

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Music played in this episode

A very personal music choice of course here for this episode – well, I took the liberty… ENJOY!


In this version the great Leonard Bernstein conducts the BBC London Symphony Orchestra. It is probably the slowest version ever recorded of that piece but what an incredible tension and emotion he creates like that – only he could do that!

(Track starts at [5:59])

2) FINALE FROM THE OPERA “DIE TOTE STADT” – Erich Wolfgang Korngold

This is a live recording made about twenty years ago in what was then “my” opera house, the Strasbourg Opera national du Rhin. I was the General and Artistic Director then, so this production is kind of my child. And I think Torsten Kerl sings these final minutes so beautifully – and I LOVE this opera. So I had to share it.

(Track starts at [44:20])

3) MAKE YOU FEEL MY LOVE – Emily Linge

This song is originally by Bob Dylan, but was famously covered by the great Adele. And this 16-year-old girl, Emily Linge, who covers it a bit in the mode of Adele, but at the same time in a very personal way, is just such a great talent, that I wanted to share her version with you.

(Track starts at [1:21:52])

Intro and Outro Music
especially written and recorded for the Thoth-Hermes Podcast by Chris Roberts

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