Please welcome my guests this week – yes, two of them – practitioner, author and creator of the website Samuel Robinson and his companion and co-creator Ian H. Gladwin as it is a really wonderful occasion to talk to both of them at the same time about their projects, utopian (or not so much) views on modern day occulture and so much more.

Sam grew up in a partly Maori partly English family in New Zealand and learned quite a lot about ancestral veneration and co-existing peacefully within the laws of nature from his grandfather who happened to be a spiritual leader of his tribe. During his year living with Aboriginal indigenous people in the Australian outback Sam had the amazing opportunity to experience not only their teachings but also to dive into Western Hermetic traditions before he settled for living in Europe, first in Germany and now in England. It was also during his time in Germany when Sam discovered a kind of an occult treasure trove consisting of groups, teachings and material scattered around and started to connect those dots in his blog which pretty soon became a voice for Rosicrucianism finally culminating in

Based in New York, Ian is a visual artist who grew up in Alaska close to nature and discovered the occult a bit later in life by the invisible language of art and music. Through Israel Regardie’s Golden Dawn material Ian came into touch with Rosicrucianism which soon changed his life. No wonder he was open for a path investigating the material in Sam’s articles especially on how pansophy and Rosicrucianism might be related and together they continue to work on the website that was created by Sam.

In our conversation we will try to find a definition for Rosicrucianism as a symbolic language of dying and resurrection, a universal idea that is told through myth ultimately leading to initiation. We will dive deep into the origins of the pansophic movement, the first manifesto of seven Rosicrucian brothers and how their promise to learn and share might work out in a modern version these days.

Of course, we will also talk about a new project of Ian which is not to be fully revealed yet but it has some resemblance to a utopia where the starting point might be ‘Know Thyself’ but then the next step has to involve the dissolution of the dualism between nature and humanity recognising the pansophic model how the interior and exterior communicate with each other attaching a moral paradigm, a set of ethics to this which should find their way into both daily and spiritual life.

Another focus of the show will be Sam’s recently published book on Rosicrucian Alois Mailander who was born in 1847 and is supposed to be the well-kept secret Rosicrucian guide behind the Theosophical Society as well as Rudolf Steiner’s secret teacher. As Sam has already plans for a new book focusing on opera singer, director and freemason, Johann Baptist Kernings’s practices involving inner work and internal alchemy partly connected to sexual techniques and Kundalini energy he will provide some great advice on the essence of this practice and on the question what it takes to do ‘The Great Work’.

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1) WAHABIBI- by Shams93

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Sometimes we have to be dismantled in our being before accessing some relief and brightness. A voyage into recovery, undisclosed doors… written as a tribute for a old artist when he passed away. This piece is also quite cyanotic and choreographic in it’s concept.

”Mortals are immortals and immortals are mortals, the one living the others’ death and dying the others’ life” — Heraclitus

Anantakara is a project of Philippe Wauman, from Louvain-la-neuve, Belgium, established in 2010. Anantakara creates live performances, choreography, sound design, meditative & healing music, soundtracks, and studio albums.

3) NINE DOORS – by Old Dog

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Ross Lorraine is a composer of great versatility. His work includes contemporary classical pieces for groups such as the Arditti Quartet, songwriting, and music for shows in venues such as the Almeida and Soho Theatre.

​He has recently focused on playing jazz piano, singing, and writing songs, which are now being recorded by many great singers and performers

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especially written and recorded for the Thoth-Hermes Podcast by Chris Roberts

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