Do you remember the wonderful talk with Tamra Lucid we had on S/ E18 back in January, about her really lovely book on Manly P Hall and the 8o’s around him in L.A.
Well, ny guest today on this second Special Anniversary Episode is Ronnie Pontiac. He is many things at once. He is now Tamra’s partner and husband (she actually makes a quick appearance in the beginning to introduce him) – remember, they got married by Manly P Hall. He is like Tamra a wonderful musician. He became Manly P Hall substitute speaker and was very close to Mr Hall in those seven years. So he is in a way next to Mr. Hall the “other protagonist” of Tamra’s book, hence the title of this epiosde.
But Ronnie is also an excellent writer and teacher preparing the release of two books to come, so we will certainly hear of him again on the podcast.

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