First of all, thanks for your patience and apologies for last week’s cancellation, but sometimes life just takes over. Podcasting is a great pleasure for me, but professional obligations need to be prioritized anyway.

One thing I need to say though: for the next few weeks this text accompanying the show will be a bit shorter and not so detailed as it was in the last two years, also just for capacity reasons.

But after this intro, welcome to this interesting talk on our new episode. It is rather rare that we talk politics here, or rather ideology, or… ? Well, with my guest Rhyd Wildermuth Occultism, or rather Esotericism, as he prefers to name it, and ideology are inseparable. Why? Well, he will explain you.

Who is Rhyd? A publisher, a writer … well, let him tell us by himself: I’m a druid. A gay punk gardener gym bro. An occasional nomad. A theorist and a poet. A publisher and editor. Sometimes an anarchist, sometimes a Marxist. I’m devoted to Brythonic and Gallic gods and some local land spirits and ancestors. I’m all of those things, and also other things. I’m mostly on the side of good.

Enjoy the talk!

Rhyd Wildermuth is a pagan theorist, a nomadic anarchist, a queer poet, and a punk bard. He’s one of the two co-founders of God&Radicals Press, its Managing Editor, and a co-editor of Gods&Radicals: A Site of Beautiful Resistance.

Appalachian-born, self-raised and self-taught, he’s lived on both coasts of the colonized lands of America; led by dreams, wanderlust, and love he now lives in French-occupied Bretagne.

He is the author of four books (including one with Alley Valkyrie) and the book editor of most Gods&Radicals Press publications.

His essays have appeared in Black Seed, on Anti-Fascist News and The Wild Hunt, but he writes primarily at Gods&Radicals: A Site of Beautiful Resistance. In addition, he maintains his own blog at PAGANARCH and occasional erotic stories at FUR/SWEAT/FLESH. He is also the co-host of EMPIRES CRUMBLE, a twice-monthly podcast on politics, culture, history, and magic with Alley Valkyrie.


Music played in this episode

In this episode, we return to Japanese Rock Music:

The Gazette (stylized as the GazettE, also GZE, as I say in the show), formerly known as Gazette (Japanese: ガゼット, Hepburn: Gazetto), is a Japanese visual kei rock band, formed in Kanagawa in early 2002

(source: Wikipedia)


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