For many Giuliano Kremmerz is still quite unknown. Well, today’s guest David Pantano has set out to change this, and today we want to do a step together in that direction. And the topic is worth it! Kremmerz tried to create a Hermetic School that is much less arcane that some of his contemporary occultists wanted it to be. Naples and Egypt, including Egyptian Freemasonry play a role in all that.

Also, to me Kremmerz’ approach sounds also partly Rosicrucian, which in the context is surprising. But there are reaons for that, we hear. And of course, he did not come out of the blue, there is a long tradition of Western Esotericism, also influenced by antiquity and its history. David has published a book on that story as well and in this talk we are going to link history to Kremmerz’ time. But we will also ask: what came after?

A lot to cover, and I think it became a highly interesting talk with a person who is extremely knowledgable: David Pantano!

David Pantano is an independent researcher, translator, historian, and writer specializing in spirituality, metaphysics, philosophy, and the initiatic practices of West and East. Author of The Magic Door, he lives in Toronto.

Music played in this episode

This episode is all about Italy, or at least about the geographic area that today we call Italy. So I thought I’d bring you an – admittedly VERY eclectic –  choice of music: all from the Italic Peninsula, but from completely diverse origins and time periods!


what a nice Foxtrott from Italy, a beautiful blend of American influence and southern European charm! With an unnamed orchestra, recorded in … 1926! (this is why the sound sounds old…), so from the times of Giuliano Kremmerz!

(Track starts at [7:17])

2) MUSICA ROMANA – Pugnate

Music as it sounded back during the Roman Empire, played by a contemporary musical research group

(Track starts at [57:28])


You all know what a Tarantella is, right? If not, it’s about time to find out!

(Track starts at [1:36:42])

Intro and Outro Music
especially written and recorded for the Thoth-Hermes Podcast by Chris Roberts

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