Mark Stavish is back on the Thoth Hermes Podcast! And when you have someone like him to talk to, you choose subjects that need clarification, a structured mind and above all, a great knowledge of the field we all like: occultism, hermetism and the Western Traditions.

Dualism and especially Non-Dualism have been terms that have found a lot of attention especially during the last 15 years or so. But how does Non-Dualism work in a hermetic and magical context, where duality seems to be the foundation of the material life. What is the difference between duality and dualism. What is the difference between a Gnostic dualism and the Hermetic approach? And why is Traditionalism or Perennialism, as it is often called (is it the same, actually?) also being sometimes under attack.

In his very frank and outspoken way Mark will try to give answers to those questions, not without posing others. A highly interesting and educational talk!

Music played in this episode

I have been very eclectic again this week when chosing the music…

1) AKA DUA – James Stone

A beautiful interpretation of an Ancient Egyptian Hymn or Chant that many of you will know, be it as a Thelemite, a Hermeticist, Egyptologist or whatever. Here is its text and a translation

(Track starts at [7:00])


One of the most astonishing pieces of classical choral music, and only one of two written for 40 (!) voices, which makes it sound full and harmonious in a very special way! From 16th-century Italian Renaissance, by Alessandro Striggio

(Track starts at [56:22])


From the Masonic Cantata “Dir, Herrscher des Weltalls” (To you, Ruler of the Universe) by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

(Track starts at [1:45:17])

Intro and Outro Music
especially written and recorded for the Thoth-Hermes Podcast by Chris Roberts

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