Tracey Rollin was born and raised in New Mexico.She grew up surrounded by a culture within a culture. Her own mother is a German immigrant and a devout Catholic, and she raised her in the ways and traditions of her people. Tracey’s childhood memories are just as full of stories of Thor and Freya as they are of stained glass church windows! She also enjoyed being surrounded by my warm and friendly Hispanic friends, many of whom were recent Mexican immigrants. Their mothers accepted her quickly into their extended families, calling her “mija” (shortened from the Spanish “mi hija,” which means “my daughter”) and telling the same stories that they told their own children.Tracey feels lucky to have grown up surrounded by two so different – and in their own ways, so similar – cultures. Rudolf talks to Tracey about her background and her recent book which surveys Santa Muerte as an aspect of the dark feminine, the bringer of death that Is crucial to all life. This perspective is surveyed through the lens of Santa Muerte’s European and Aztec roots, including the Catholic beliefs and practices that helped shape them. Rudolf also presents music by the Austrian Rock Band KRPL, and book news and reviews.

Show Notes and Links

Visit Tracey Rollin’s website! Her Author’s page on Weiser Books
And her Facebook page
You will find “Santa Muerte” and also a link to other books by Tracey Rollin here!  

Music played

Intro Music: Wendy Rule – from the CD “Deity”: Think of the Day   Three tracks from the first album by Austrian Heavy Instrumental Rock Band KRPL – Nature of Force – Space Llamas from Heaven – Rest in Pieces   Outro Music: Wendy Rule – from the CD “Deity”: Night Sea Journey
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