This episode is a very special episode. It is the first co-production between the Thoth-Hermes Podcast and Greg Kaminsky’s classic Occult of Personality – Podcast. Rudolf and Greg are good friends, and in this episode they share a long interview with Montreal-based occultist, author and editor GABRIEL MC CAUGHRY.


The first part of this interview on Gabriel’s new book “Aurorae”, published by his own Anathema publishing, can be listened to here:

 Here on Thoth-Hermes you will find the second part of the interview.

In this episode, “guest reporter” Tal Schechter is also telling us his impressions from the OCCULTURE Esoteric Conference that took place in Berlin in November 2018.



Music played

Intro Music: Wendy Rule – from the CD “Deity”: Think of the Day

– Ermetic – Athanor by micleușanu m.

– Anesthetic – from the Album “Revolte” by Alchemy music


Thanks to Greg Kaminsky for letting me use parts of his intro music to “Occult of Personality”, Awakening by Paul Avgerinos 

Outro Music: Wendy Rule – from the CD “Deity”: Night Sea Journey

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