A highly inspiring talk with Madeleine LeDespencer, visual artist, author, identifying herself as Demimondaine, Absintheuse and Adoratrice de Satan…

Madeleine LeDespencer is a visual artist and author who resides in London, England. Her research and practice are focused on sodalities of heretical Catholicism, devotional Diabolism, and Gnostic Revival in fin de siècle France. For the past several years she has published articles for Hadean Press, Three Hands Press, and others on topics ranging from Absinthe as entheogen, the erotic mysteries of Vintras’ Catholic heresies, and the work of Maria de Naglowska. She edited the upcoming volume from Three Hands Press WITCH:IKON collecting visual representations of sorcery throughout the ages. Madeleine has given lectures around the world on these topics and facilitates an invitation-only Salon in London dedicated to the exploration of art, literature, and the extremities of aestheticism. Her first full-length book, Le Catholicisme Noir – The Devotional Blasphemies of Abbé Joseph-Antoine Boullan, will be published by Three Hands Press.

Links to find Madeleine’s work:

Her personal website

Her Facebook page


Links provided by Madeleine (thank you!) leading to further information about some of the topics we discuss in this interview:

Abbe Boullan and Julie Thibault
eroto-paracletism and sexualised catholicism
See Madeleine’s essay here 

Georges Bataille and the Limit Experience – Wikipedia

Eliphas Levi and the French Occult Revival on Amazon

The initial Baron LeDespencer – Wikipedia 

Huysmans novel “La Bas” – classic of Parisian occultism

About collecting and the Cult of the Object on Amazon

About Joel Peter Witkin and the alchemy of the perverse

About Charles Baudelaire and Diabolical Catholicism

In defense of Catholicism as an aesthetic endeavour
see The Genius of Christianity by François-René de Chateaubriand – In his defense of Christianity on the merits of beauty he inadvertently opened the
door to a manner of Satanic Catholicism embodied in Baudelaire and others.

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1) TEEN RIOT STRUCTURE – by T.Rex (1977)
2) NICOLO PAGANINI – CAPRICE N°24 in a-minor (1807)

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