In the first episode of this new season, we welcome Natasha Helvin for an exciting talk  about her personal background and her two new exciting books “Slavic Witchcraft” and “Russian Black Magic”.

Mostly for historical reasons we know little about Magic and Witchcraft from the part of the world that was once hidden behind the Iron Curtain.

Born in the Soviet Union, Natasha Helvin is an occultist, hereditary witch, and priestess in the Haitian Vodou tradition, as well as an avid scholar of other magical traditions. She learned the ancient Slavic secrets of magic and healing from her family and, as a child, often saw her grandmother and mother use magic in their everyday lives to help neighbors and friends. A professional rootworker and spiritual coach, she now lives in the Pacific Northwest of the US.

Having a passion for discovery, learning and listening Natasha also passionate for clinical psychology. Her empathy for and understanding of others strengthens her ability to persevere in the psychology with heightened curiosity regarding the genetic nature of mental disorders. It has enhanced her awareness of others who struggle with neurological and interpersonal difficulties.

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Natasha Helvin is also an avid scholar of tradition / religion and simply woodland creature who feeds on folklore and magic!

Natasha also involved in researching the paranormal. She uses her gift to communicate, and help bring answers and relief to people. She has travelled extensively to help people deal with the grief of loved one’s and receive messages from Spirits, which bring a sense of peace, as well as to help cleanse the place.



Music played in this episode


Hymn of the Cherubim
from “Liturgy of St.John Chrysostomos” (1878)
USSR Ministry of Culture Chamber Choir

The Hut of Baba-Yaga
from “Pictures at an Exhibition”
Heavy Metal version performed by Omashay

We praise thee
Georgian Monks

Intro and Outro Music
especially written and recorded for the Thoth-Hermes Podcast by Chris Roberts

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