Lucid dreaming, Hypnagogia, Astral Travel, Sleep Temples, Dream diary… all terms related to sleep and dream which play an important role in the World of the Western Esoteric Tradition. And our guest in today’s interview, Sarah Janes, knows all about them.


Sarah Janes is an independent researcher exploring ancient ideas about dreaming, sleep medicine and dream incubation. An enthusiastic lucid dreamer since childhood, Sarah hosts regular workshops, gives talks on the subject and is also creating a dream initiation inspired VR experience with Carl H. Smith and others of Ravensbourne University, London. Sarah believes dreaming to be a forgotten superpower of remembrance and healing and her muse is the goddess Mnemosyne, Greek Titaness and personification of memory, often the last deity to be invoked during dream healing rituals in the sleep temples of ancient Greece.

Enjoy a fascinating talk with Sarah!


Sarah Janes’ Official Website

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1) APOPHIS – by Mageia

Mageia is a young musician from Salzburg, Austria. She is about to release her first album, and “Apophis” is a single release from that album, which came out on March 3rd.

The song is telling a story of the eternal cycle of light and darkness, of life and death – even of all things that are in extreme opposition to each other. Sometimes you fight to rise again from darkness, and sometimes you triumph before you fall again. Inspired by ancient mystical stories and metaphors, this song gives the listener the opportunity to interpret himself.

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from the Album “Sameness of Phosphorus and Hesperus”

3) ASCLEPIUS – by Paranoia Department

from the Album “Metaphysical Hinterland N°1”



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