In this episode, Rudolf is talking to RACHEL POLLACK, American science fiction author, comic book writer, and expert on divinatory tarot. She is also involved in the women’s spirituality movement.

 Rachel Pollack is the author of 40 books, most recently The Fissure King: A Novel In Five Stories. Her book, 78 Degrees Of Wisdom, has been described by Tarot readers and teachers around the world as “the Bible of tarot readers.” She is the designer and artist of the Shining Tribe Tarot, and in recent years has worked with artist Robert M. Place to create The Burning Serpent Oracle, a Lenormand-based deck, and The Raziel Tarot–The Secret Teachings of Adam and Eve.

Her work has been translated into fifteen languages. She has taught Tarot on five continents.

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Music played in this episode

The enigmatic WILBURN BURCHETTE returns, after the great success his music had on Episode 11. Wilburn burned most of his musical artifacts, but his impartiality to his own music didn’t deter its success. Creating music that resonated a cross between horror scores and Californian New Age, Burchette self-distributed on the Burchette Brothers label in collaboration with his brother, Kenneth, from 1971 to 1977.

Link to his bandcamp page


From his 1972 album “Opens The Seven Gates Of Transcendental Consciousness”





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especially written and recorded for the Thoth-Hermes Podcast by Chris Roberts

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