Rudolf welcomes in this episode artist, author and lecturer, LAURENCE CARUANA.

His highly-symbolic works explore the interplay of myth, visions and dreams while integrating views from different sacred traditions.

Born in Toronto. Canada, of Maltese descent, he is a graduate of The University of Toronto (B.A. Hons. Philosophy) and also studied painting at die “Akademie der bildende Künste” in Vienna before assisting Prof. Ernst Fuchs in his studios in Monaco and Castillon, where he learned classical techniques of painting in the traditional manner of master to apprentice.

For years, the artist led an itinerant existence, living variously in Malta, Vienna, Munich and Monaco while travelling extensively through Asia, Europe and Central America to explore sacred sites, study traditional art techniques and enrich his passion for different cultural iconographies.

With his French wife he settled in Paris, alternating between a studio in the Bastille quarter and a farmhouse in the Bourgogne region of France. In 2012, he co-founded the Vienna Academy of Visionary Art, where he served as director for seven years before returning to France to pursue a new project, The Apocryphon Chapel, which depicts the Gnostic Apocryphon of John in twelve large-scale paintings.

In his work, the Western Esoteric Tradition and especially Gnosticism have inspired the Artist greatly and extensively.


Sacred Codes: The Forgotten Principles of Painting Revived by Visionary Art (2017)

Enter Through the Image: The Ancient Image Language of Myth, Art & Dreams (2009)

The Hidden Passion: A Novel of the Gnostic Christ, based on the Nag Hammadi Texts (2007)

The First Manifesto of Visionary Art (2000)



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Below is the image that Rudolf and Laurence refer to at length in the first part of the interview, for your reference

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It doesn’t happen every day that we can play a piece of music that has been especially written for the Thoth Hermes Podcast, and also inspired by it! (except for our intro and outro music, see below).

Our listener David, alias Mr. Pepino has written this piece for us. The track uses the Sephiroth and places particular notes on each of them, then combines the paths to create melodies. Have a look on the YouTube version of this track (click on the image below) to get further insight in how this works.


2) AGNI PARTHENE (Virgin Mary) – A Greek Orthodox Song from the 19th Century, sung by the Varlaam Brethren Choir

3) RITE OF PASSAGE – by Heather Dale, from her new album “Incantations I”

All three musical pieces in this show are also thought to be used for personal meditation and inspiration.


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