Portrait of PHIL HINE by Asa Medhurst

Rudolf’s guest in this new episode is PHIL HINE.

Get ready for a nice Northern English accent smile

Phil is an independent researcher and author. A former editor of Chaos International, he was the co-creator and editor (with Rodney Orpheus) of the UK monthly Pagan ‘zine, Pagan News.

He is best known for his three books on Chaos Magic – Condensed Chaos, Prime Chaos and the Pseudonomicon. He has recently released a new anthology spanning 40 years of occult writing: Hine’s Varieties: Chaos and Beyond.

In 2018 he published a series of 4 booklets examining the early history of the passage of knowledge about Chakras from East to West – available from Treadwells Bookshop of London (https://www.treadwells-london.com/).

He is currently preparing a Pagan News anthology with Rodney Orpheus for Strange Attractor Press and has just published – through his new Twisted Trunk imprint, Mike Magee’s Yaksini Magic. He lives in London.

Phil Hine’s Web Blog

His books on Amazon

A link to Treadwell’s, London’s famous esoteric bookstore, where Phil Hine has regular appearances

Music played in this episode

The Music in this episode is by Spanish Dark Medieval Pagan Folk Group 


From their website:

Trobar de Morte was born in 1999. It’s the most ambitious project of the multifaceted Lady Morte, singer and songwriter. Having played at several festivals, concerts and tours – including one big tour with Faun in 2011 – and visiting countries such as Germany, Holland, Portugal, Romania, France or Italy, the band has recently collaborated with the Celtic Orchestra of Barcelona and toured through Europe as coheadliner with The Moon And The NightSpirit to celebrate its 18th anniversary. Two tribal dancers have accompanied them in several concerts throughout the years, adding a strong visual impact to many of the songs.






Intro and Outro Music
especially written and recorded for the Thoth-Hermes Podcast by Chris Roberts

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