PETER GREY is a writer, and the co-founder of Scarlet Imprint. He is the author of The Red Goddess (2007), Apocalyptic Witchcraft (2013) and Lucifer: Princeps (2015). An extensive selection of his essays on magic and witchcraft is collected in The Brazen Vessel (2019). He is currently writing Lucifer: Praxis which addresses working with the fallen angels of the Enochic tradition and their transvection into the grimoires and modern practice.


ALKISTIS DIMECH is the co-founder of Scarlet Imprint, for which she is editrix, typographer and book designer. She is a dancer and choreographer, working within the lineage of butō, a discipline and philosophy she has explored since 2002. She has performed in the UK, Europe and the United States, solo and in collaboration with other artists, notably Gast Bouschet & Nadine Hilbert, Anji Cheung, and Z’EV. In her research and magical practice, she gives a central place to the phenomenology of movement and the living body, specifically in relation to the occult. She has spoken on her work and given workshops at conferences and events in the UK, Europe and the United States. Her dance work is documented at and selected writings were published last year in The Brazen Vessel.

Just three examples of the wonderful books Scarlet imprint creates:

The Red Goddess, by Peter Grey, Mystai, by Peter Mark Adams, and The Brazen Vessel, by Alkistis Dimech and Peter Grey (from left to right)

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Music played in this episode

The enigmatic WILBURN BURCHETTE burned most of his musical artifacts, but his impartiality to his own music didn’t deter its success. Creating music that resonated a cross between horror scores and Californian New Age, Burchette self-distributed on the Burchette Brothers label in collaboration with his brother, Kenneth, from 1971 to 1977.

Link to his bandcamp page


From his 1973 album “Guitar Grimoire”





Intro and Outro Music
especially written and recorded for the Thoth-Hermes Podcast by Chris Roberts

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