FRATER ACHER is certainly one of the most interesting figures in the world of Esotericism, Occultism and Magic today. And it makes us very happy and proud that he has – after a first appearance in December 2017, which was altogether his first podcast appearence ever – chosen to return to us today.

We will speak extensively about his new book “Black Abbott-White Magic”, which is about to be released with Scarlet Imprint. But we also touch a number of other topics that will certainly be of high interest to you.

After this, it would certainly be interesting to go to Frater Acher’s great blog website, THEOMAGICA. And also to visit the new book review website which he created together with magical friends, PARALIBRUM.

Here you can find pre-order details for Black Abbott-White Magic

Music played in this episode


In this show we present you music by UK-based group TWELVE HIDES. This music was suggested by our guest Frater Acher

“A tremendous and beautiful album of the sacral and the occult. Like a little brother to OM’s Advaitic Songs. Fantastic stuff, really. Favorite track: Ghayat Al-Hakim.”, says Music Abraxas magazine

And indeed it is wonderful to let yourself flow in the atmosphere of this music, it is such friendly and loving music. It reminds of the old english “acid” folk band Trees. 

Here is their Bandcamp page

And here is their Soundcloud page




(Track 1 starts at [7:55], Track 2 at [57:26], Track 3 at [1:35:51])



Intro and Outro Music
especially written and recorded for the Thoth-Hermes Podcast by Chris Roberts

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