She is certainly one of the most interesting young voices in the field of Occultism and Rudolf is very happy to welcome  GEORGIA VAN RAALTE in this Episode!


Georgia van Raalte is an academic, author, and Priestess of Babalon. She is a PhD candidate at the University of Surrey, where her research explores textual initiation, sexual magic, and the occult fiction of Dion Fortune. Her first book, The Priestess and Pearls: Rituals for the Journey to the Divine Feminine, features a series of rituals designed to re-integrate feminine subjectivity into ceremonial magic, and is published by Black Moon. She contributed to, co-edited and published MARAH, a new journal devoted to the art and practice of the divine feminine. Her second book, Approaching Babalon: Essays for the Abyss will be published by Templum Abyssi in Winter 2020. She runs Temple of Our Lady of the Abyss, a magical temple and ritual working group devoted to the Goddess Babalon, along with her partner.

For the homepage of “The Temple of the Lady of the Abyss” CLICK HERE

If you want (you should want!) to read Georgia’s article on “Sex, Power and Ethics in Contemporary Thelema”, which Rudolf reads an excerpt from in the intro to the interview, in its integrality, CLICK HERE

Georgia has recently published her first book with Black Moon Publishing.

Music played in this episode

The music played in this episode is once again by one of our listeners, PD, who is not only a musician, but also a student of Alchemy!

Here is a text provided by the artist about his music:

“The album is inspired on the feelings that came to me when I was deep in the study of alchemical texts, and before beginning the lab practice whit the Inner Garden Foundation, so, it’s consonant with the nigredo phase. The idea was also to keep a balance between the conscious and unconscious state of mind of the listener. The sounds can be saturated, crude, noisy and dissonant, as the initial chaos, or can be purified and brilliant as the results of the alchemical processes. Each song represents a specific stage or state of mind inside the whole alchemical work and has a different progress development. The veiled voices are random readings from different alchemical or hermetic texts. The album was recorded in a DIY way using a mix of live instruments and computer processing, all play by myself in layers, trying to keep a balance between ideas and improvisation. For the mastering of the album, I chose to aim to that low-fy black metal recording in a cave in isolation kind of sound, but the album was not mastered or mixed on a professional level. It was recorded in Barcelona, Spain in autumn 2019.”


The three tracks played are from an album of his band MONUMENT LINE.

You can listen to the integral album, called “Ojos Adaptándose a La Obscuridad” on Spotify. CLICK HERE!




(Track 1 starts at [10:32], Track 2 at [57:51], Track 3 at [1:36:20])



Intro and Outro Music
especially written and recorded for the Thoth-Hermes Podcast by Chris Roberts

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