Please welcome my guest of this episode, visual artist, initiate and author, Diana Kreikamp who has published an amazing book, ‘Amduat – The Great Awakening’ just two months ago with Mandrake.

Diana was fascinated by the divine from very early childhood on as she could see things and communicate with them. She was maybe 7 years old when she realised that not everybody was able to perceive the world the way she did. Always asking questions and seeking answers she travelled to Thailand in her 20s where certain religious practices made deep impressions on her. It wasn’t much later that she started to experiment with meditation and different systems of different traditions until her path led her to the Servants of the Light where she studied the Western Mystery Traditions with Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki being one of her teachers (who btw also provided a foreword to ‘Amduat’).

The Egyptian Amduat is an ancient funeral text from the Middle Kingdom, which means it is around 3.500 years old. It describes Ra, the sun god’s 12 hours journey through the Duat, the Egyptian underworld. Diana’s approach to this text is quite different from those of others though. She didn’t want to provide merely a new translation but create one that fits into our time and most importantly to reveal the hidden secrets beneath the text. So she didn’t only study hieroglyphics but also explored the Duat herself by using meditation, pathworking, ritual and trance work.

Find this book on the website of its publisher, Mandrake of Oxford, by clicking here

And this is the link to Diana Kreikamp’s personal website

In this interview we talk about the creational process of this exceptional book as well as its hidden intention and its use as a handbook to enable readers to manifest their unique selves into this world. Another very fascinating subject will be what exactly the term Great Awakening means and how it is attainable for persons living in the 21st century by using an ancient Egyptian initiation system. We will discuss the requirements of the journey as well as Diana’s more than 10-year-long personal experience with working with the Amduat and how it manifested in her own life. I can give away a hint: One of the most interesting changes that the working brought upon her was her discovering herself as a psychic illustrator creating ‘Soul Drawings’.

Our conversation will further cover potential origins of the Amduat text and the definition of magic as a driving force behind creative processes combined with the role of the human artist and magician herself. Diana will also provide us some insights into upcoming projects as there seems to be more books to look forward to as I certainly do!

Music played in this episode

It is always a special pleasure for me when one of the listeners of this podcast follows my request for sending me music that they have created! 

So once again in this episode, I am able to present to you such music!

XO is a shoegaze/alternative rock band formed in 2014 by twin brothers Jeff and Jake Turner. They have been making music together since they were kids, starting on a piano and eventually leading to guitar, drums, bass, etc. Jeff is the principal songwriter and Jake helps him polish his ideas in the studio.

Music has always been an important outlet for exploring interior and exterior worlds. Writing songs, performing and building a community has been very rewarding. They were also touring guitarists in Say Anything from 2005-2014 and traveled the world, gathering a plethora of magical experiences on the way that still influence them today.

XO has released 2 studio albums, 2 EPs and a live album you can find by clicking HERE or Spotify, Apple Music, etc.

At the moment, XO are finishing up a new EP.


(Track starts at [7:29])



(Track starts at [49:55]

3) UP

(Track starts at [1:24:03])

Intro and Outro Music
especially written and recorded for the Thoth-Hermes Podcast by Chris Roberts

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