In this brand new episode Rudolf has a fascinating conversation with Italian witch, High Priestess and teacher in the Temple of Ara tradition, Giulia Turolla.

Having a background in academics, Giulia graduated with honours in Archaeology and Ancient World Cultures from the University of Bologna. Her focus is on ancient magical and religious technology and culture which she combines with her practice.

Coming from an open minded Northern Italian family Giulia talks about her very first steps to Wiccan initiation in the beginning of 2000 in Italy where very few sources were available and even fewer people to connect with. She takes us on a journey exploring the diverse branches of Wicca and their different practical approaches and what role attorney, activist and one of the very first public witches in the USA Phyllis Currot played for her own personal path.

Giulia has been leading circles for the Temple of Ara  in Italy since 2008 and actively teaching study groups and advanced workshops since 2012. Her personal path focuses on the practice of witchcraft as an indigenous form of shamanism and aims to rediscover and rebuild the Sacred Net that binds humanity to the Spirits and the Gods of the place they live in. To her this is the way to gain an organic approach which opens up means of direct communication with the spirits and deities that are still active parts of the land.

As an artisan, Giulia creates shamanic and magical tools focused on European magical traditions. She uses raw materials that are connected to the cultural tradition she works with to pour the spirit into matter in order to make beautiful drums, rattles and other ritual tools .

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1) WENDY RULE – Elemental Chant (2006)

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2) AN DANZZA – Hekate (2016)

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3) MECANO – Figlio della Luna (1986)

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