My guest in this episode probably does not need a lot of introduction, please welcome author and High Priest of the Temple of Set for many years, Don Webb.

From his early childhood on Don Webb was a weird child who growing up in Amarillo, Texas, benefited of two working parents and quite a few unsupervised hours after school. The TV show ‘Dark Shadows’ had a particular fascination on Don and he discovered at age 11-12 that séances might indeed work.

During his college years Don explored Carlos Castaneda’s work and experimented with altered realities but found them not to be sufficient in taking him closer to what he was searching for. After basically having disengaged himself from spirituality at age 28, Don found the Temple of Set and decided to give it a try. Stephen Flowers, Ph.D., and Michael Aquino were both big influences on him and after moving rather quickly through the ranks Don became High Priest of the Temple in the early 90s. As there was a lot of misinformation out there on the Temple and its work Don decided to deal with this lack and subsequently one of his best known books, ‘Uncle Setnakt’s Essential Guide to the Left Hand Path’ was published in the late 90s.

In this interview we’ll get highly interesting glimpses into the philosophy which the Temple is built upon, we’ll be exploring some differences and similarities between the Right Hand Path and the Left Hand Path and going deep into the question, how a Victorian novelist is steadily influencing modern occultism with regards to these ideas.

The nature of the Temple of Set and its members will be also a big subject of discussion as well as Don’s personal definition of magic(k).

Don will explain how he “accidentally” became a Master of the Order of the Vampyre although he never applied for membership and how his practical work directed him to write his most recent book, ‘Energy Magick of the Vampyre’, published with Inner Traditions. This book has also been called ‘manual of the Left-Hand Path for the 21st century like no other’ by Frater U.:D.:, a well and widely respected and known personality in occult circles (btw he has been on this show as well, just look up the episodes of previous seasons).

Don’s upcoming book project which is certainly something a lot of people in the audience will be thrilled about will be mentioned as well as some good advice for practitioners who started out on their paths not too long ago.

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