Please welcome my next guest on the show, astrologer, bee keeper and practitioner of the occult arts, Shu Yap. Shu lives on a farm in Australia, Central Victoria, however, she was born in Malaysia and moved to Australia at age 7. Her father died when she was just 4 years old and his loss certainly meant a huge disruption to her world as one can imagine fairly easily.

It was also her father playing a central role in Shu’s upbringing as he was a devotee of a Taoist sect in Malaysia meaning she was visiting the temple and the priest as a child getting first glimpses into the sorcery aspects of Taoism from very early on.
When Shu’s father passed away the connection to these practices stopped as her mother being a converted Christian didn’t have much support for esoteric ideas. However, Shu was still left with an overwhelming sense of trust and a spiritual connection to her father along with his and his side of the family’s worldviews where especially dreams had a big influence upon daily life.

In fact it was a dream Shu had at age 19 that without any doubt told her to study astrology and due to her father’s approach taking the world of dreams just as seriously as ‘real life’ she promptly started looking for adequate ways. Finding a small advertisement in a nearby bookshop was a huge milestone and as a young student she started taking classes on modern astrology.

Shu has come very far since then as her focus shifted to traditional astrology, specialising in Hellenistic and Arabic methods. In this episode we’ll be talking a lot about the different approaches to astrology in general, what happened in the 17th century when astrology was nearly completely lost and how it was later experiencing a mini-revival though within the confinements of a psychological worldview.

Shu will kindly share with us why she is fascinated by Hellenistic and Arabic astrology, how the magical side of things comes into play there and how the language of older texts has been mostly misunderstood. We’ll go into the different layers of chart interpretation and discuss what distinguishes modern astrology from the ancient arts.

As my guest also teaches astrology, she’ll tell us about her initial reluctance opening up about her passion, how times might or might not have changed since then, the impact of Covid and the essentiality of communications skills for practicing astrologers.

Finally Shu will provide some excellent advice to all those who are interested in taking up astrological studies but don’t know where to start due to its complexity.

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Pete, who goes by “Peteonthebeat” has sent us tracks which ncorporate the art of turntablism with heavy 808s, synth melodies, and chord progressions.

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2020 – Peteonthebeat – The Middle Pillar (Single)
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2016 – Peteonthebeat – Magic Dice (Album)
2015 – Peteonthebeat – Jack Of All Trades (Album)
2012 – Peteonthebeat – Turntable Fiend (Album)


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