This latest episode is a very special one as my guest has already been on the show shortly before the first lockdowns started back in spring 2020. Many of you may be familiar with his name and work, as he is a certainly well-known and widely respected practitioner, author and co-owner of Theion Publishing, source of quite a lot of meaningful in-depth books on the occult. It is a huge pleasure to welcome David Beth again and talk with him about Arthur Moros’ ‘The Cult of the Black Cube’ which has been released this year in a second edition.

We’ll open up our conversation with the impact of Covid on David personally, on Theion Publishing and how certain creative processes had to endure an involuntary break. Of course, the psychological effects of the pandemic will be a topic as well as the question what a proper process of editing and publishing takes.

We then start to explore ‘The Cult of the Black Cube’ which has been written under the pseudonym Dr. Arthur Moros and reveal a bit of information about the author next to discussing the background of its first edition 3 years ago and shedding some light onto what role Saturn itself played in the creative process.

David provides us with a basic outline of the indeed densely written book’s structure and explains the Saturnian experience as a cross-cultural one and Saturnian power as something that is capable to obscure progress but despite all of its negatively perceived aspects is still able to bring us forward by alchemical transmutation.

Another aspect of the discussion will be whether and if, how exactly the pandemic might be perceived as an expression of Saturnian forces. In this context we’ll talk about linearity of ‘logocentric’ worldviews, ‘wokeness’, ‘cancel culture’ and a lot more.

As David has written one chapter of ‘The Cult of the Black Cube’ he goes into detail on how modern Saturnian groups suffer from problematic views on the female aspect of Saturn, how a different philosophy would support a more biocentric worldview and the relevance of this Cosmic Gnosis for a practitioner’s daily life.

Arthur Moros’ work is subtitled ‘A Saturnian Grimoire’ and David will explain how the use of the rituals in it work regardless of one’s own tradition in a quite non-dogmatic way and open a pathway into Saturn’s reality.

Of course, we’ll talk about David’s future projects, one of them being a book on Adonism which is soon to be finalised and published as well as a reprint of Ludwig Klages’ ‘Cosmogonic Eros’ and a few other new books coming out soon.

Music played in this episode

Well, it has become a habit, and a nice one, that our listeners provide us with the music for our shows!

Today we thank LAZULI VANE, a recent fan of this podcast, for making contact and sending us three tracks for this episode.

Read what he says about himself: I am a recording artist and poet based in Neptune Beach, FL and my music is influenced heavily by the western occult tradition and a few other traditions besides. I’m a member of the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids, have studied various strains of gnosticism and hermeticism privately for over a decade, and regularly practice yoga. Occult subjects have always been a great passion and curiosity of mine.

 I’d like to share with you tracks from my most recent album “THE ORPHIC RITE OF THE CULT OF SEDNA”, which was a work of magic and depth psychology for me; a reflective process which helped to purge and clarify certain streams of unconscious material running through me.

Thanks Lazuli Vane, for sharing this with us.



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especially written and recorded for the Thoth-Hermes Podcast by Chris Roberts

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