In this episode, I have the pleasure to talk to Cherokee record keeper Barbara Hand Clow, who used to introduce herself as a researcher, left-brain writer and publisher but due to a very influential event in 1994-1995 (which we will of course discuss) became a spiritual teacher.

Barbara’s first encounter with other dimensions took place when she was just five and a half years old. In hindsight she would describe it either as a near death experience or an abduction but despite the exact definition Barbara was introduced to higher planes of consciousness and that experience left her deeply disturbed. Luckily, her grandfather, a Cherokee record keeper and teacher, would notice the significant change in her and although he had originally been planning to pass on his knowledge to one of his daughters as tribal traditions demanded it, he instead chose to educate Barbara as his successor and continued to teach her until college.

In 1994/1995 a significant event happened that changed Barbara’s life for good. A group intelligence, the Pleiadians, made contact with her and started to transmit information which culminated in her book ‘The Pleiadian Agenda’.

In the interview we talk about quantum mechanics, string theory, channelling in altered states of consciousness and much more. Barbara also explains how and why she aims for nothing less than a scientific analysis of her previous book ‘The Pleiadian Agenda’ in her subsequent book ‘The Alchemy of Nine Dimensions’, first published in 2004 and revised in 2010 seemingly proposing an absolute unique approach to material transmitted this way.

We go deep into the basis of both books and explore the potential access to different dimensions in great detail with references to C. G. Jung’s ground-breaking work on the definition of a 4th dimension.

Another fascinating topic will be the question of ‘extra-terrestrial’ contacts or contacts of higher planes which appear to be happening on a less physical and more spiritual respectively mental level. I’m pretty sure some of the more ceremonial-magically oriented practitioners might find some unexpected common ground here.

In her book ‘The Mind Chronicles’ Barbara introduced readers to quite a few past life experiences she received through more than 100 sessions of hypnosis and how this was a major contribution to her long time plan to write fiction at some point. Luckily, she was able to accomplish that in a trilogy composed of ‘Revelations of the Ruby Crystal’ (2015), ‘Revelations of the Aquarian Age’ (2018) and her most recent one ‘Revelations from the Source’ which came out this fall. She opens up about the creative writing process and explains what role the Pleiadian energies had in it and especially in what ways she tries to expand the views of humanity with these works by offering a fictional experience of the nine dimensions she already wrote in theory about.

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