Please welcome my guest of today’s episode, energy work specialist, solitary practitioner of Eastern and Western traditions, martial artist and author Peter Mark Adams.

Just a few weeks ago Peter published a book with Inner Traditions and the title is ‘The Power of the Healing Field: Energy Medicine, Psi Abilities, and Ancestral Healing’. In this interview, Peter will tell our audience a bit about his personal path, starting out in in his earliest childhood in being hypersensitive to presences, continuing with a trip to Egypt aged 8-9 visiting the Great Pyramid which experience culminated in the feeling of finally coming home.
In his early teens Peter started to read material on magic, visiting libraries with first editions of Blavatsky’s works, taking in everything he could. However, it wasn’t until much later that the framework for all this knowledge was finally provided by his interest in and practice of martial arts through which he gained a profound proficiency in energy work. Peter continued to broaden his education in the Western and Eastern Esoteric Traditions with QBL, ritual magic, freemasonry, Buddhism, Tantra just to name a few different topics.

The specific path of energy work that Peter is dedicated to and which is also the main focus of his most recent book is Reiki. Now this could definitely be a red flag to some of us because we in the ‘Western World’ do have certain ideas and concepts of Reiki which is of course fuelled by the sheer mass of people labelling themselves ‘Reiki Masters/Practitioners’.

However, as you’ll easily recognise during our conversation, Peter is able to correct this rather superficial impression as he goes into great detail of what Reiki means to him and how he came to study and practice this system. He will explain the importance of lineage in the tradition of Mikao Usui, give profound insights into the inner mechanisms of Reiki and point out the differences between initiates and practitioners and what it takes to go from here to there.

Peter Mark Adam’s three books published so far

Of course, the main focus of our conversation will be Peter’s new book which can boldly be called a bridge between Eastern and Western Esoteric Traditions. We’ll talk about his initial experiences with the healing methods presented in it, healing fields, ethics and he’ll also point out what real red flags are when seeking help from a self-proclaimed healing expert. The creation of fields, not only specifically healing fields, will be another very interesting topic where Peter explains how most of us seem to suffer from a weird kind of hangover from mind and body dualism and how practitioners can generate a field in order to access a larger reservoir of consciousness to work with which is not that far away from ceremonial magical concepts as one might think.

In the end, Peter will tell us about his next projects, one book on the Eleusinian mysteries which is to be published this year, and another where he attempts no less task than to recover the rites of Mithras – looking forward reading both of them.


Music played in this episode

I could not resist the pleasure to bring someone back on the Thoth Hermes Podcast, who the regulars have already enjoyed several times here:


In the first two seasons you were able to hear two of her powerful songs as into and outro of the show. And in our very first episode she appeared for that reason also in a short interview, after my talk with Alan Robinson.

Wendy has released (on her bandcamp account) recordings of Jazz versions of quite a few songs which she did live in a concert quite some time ago. I loved her approach and the way she interprets those songs, so decided to share some of them with you.


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especially written and recorded for the Thoth-Hermes Podcast by Chris Roberts

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