Samuel David is a Mesopotamian polytheist, artist, writer, researcher, and educator based in the American Midwest.

His presentations at local pagan festivals, national, and international conventions include lectures, rituals, and workshops. His adaptation of “The Descent of Inanna” has been featured as classroom material for California State University, Los Angeles’ 2020 ancient history syllabus.

As a representative for Temple Sangamon, chairperson for The Council of Near Eastern Pagan Religions, and founder of the religious non-profit organization known as Four Reeds, he actively networks and collaborates with others to represent and protect the interests of those who seek to revive the worship of the Ancient Near Eastern gods.

The two editions of “Rod&Ring”, Samuel David’s new book on Mesopotamian worshipping. They can be ordered here!

History tells us of the mystery traditions of Isis, Dionysius, and Mithras – but what of the mysteries of Inanna, Enki, and Dumuzid? Author Samuel David’s Order of the Rod & Ring seeks to fill those lacunae with a spiritual journey that combines traditional Mesopotamian praxis with a contemporary paradigm.

Immerse yourself in this mystery tradition as you undertake a mythopoetic journey informed by historical, religious, and cultic practices, as well as mythology, and research from experts in the field of Assyriology.

Prepare yourself to approach the shrine of the gods as their supplicant; take up the Divine Measures bestowed upon humanity as their servant, and brave the dark as you descend into the depths of the Underworld; be reborn as the temple steward and pass through the Heavenly gates to present yourself as one worthy to be entrusted with their holy regalia: the Rod and the Ring.

Music played in this episode

You have already enjoyed HASSAN ISMAIL’S music in two previous shows! Well, and today he is back with three more tracks, which are – in my opinion – a perfect fit to the subject of our talk with Samuel David.

Hassan plays Ancient and spiritual music inspired by many music styles from the  world like Mesopotamian, Ancient egyptian, Phoenician, Babyonian and Andalusian. The sounds were channeled to him at the age of 21 and evolved with time.

He likes to discover new tunes on the instrument that have unique sound and style. He has now 3 recorded albums available on all major digital platforms: The Ancient, Illusions and Entropia.

Find Hassan’s music on ReverbNation here!

Hassan is also a fellow podcaster, go to his Facebook page to find out more!


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especially written and recorded for the Thoth-Hermes Podcast by Chris Roberts

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