Today’s guest, Jaime Paul Lamb is an astrologer and tarotist, practicing in the context of the Western Occult Tradition. He has already been on this podcast once before, in Episode 2 of Season 3.

He is the author of three books on the subject of Freemasonry and Western Esotericism: Myth, Magick & Masonry: Occult Perspectives in Freemasonry (The Laudable Pursuit, 2018), Approaching the Middle Chamber: The Seven Liberal Arts in Freemasonry and the Western Esoteric Tradition (The Laudable Pursuit, 2020) and The Archetypal Temple and Other Writings on Masonic Esotercism (Tria Prima Press, 2021), and has contributed pieces to anthologies such as The Light Extended: A Journal of the Golden Dawn, Vol. 2 (Kerubim Press, 2020), The Light Extended: A Journal of the Golden Dawn, Vol. 3 (Kerubim Press, 2021) and the soon-to-be-released Collectanea Hermetica: The Astrology of the Golden Dawn (Golden Dawn Research Trust, 2021-22).

Quite incredibly two of his books have been placed in the Top 7 of the Southern California Research Lodge’s ranking of “Best masonic books of the century”!

Lamb’s work has appeared in periodicals dedicated to Freemasonry and Western Esotericism such as Knight Templar magazine, Royal Arch Mason magazine, Southern California Research Lodge’s Fraternal Review, The Journal of the Masonic Society, Esoteric Mason magazine and many other online and in-print publications. He has been a featured guest on several podcasts  in addition to being a co-host and co-founder of Tria Prima podcast.

Jaime Paul Lamb is the current Worshipful Master of Ascension Lodge no. 89 F&AM, a Frater of both the Arizona College of the Societas Rosicruciana in Civitatibus Foederatis and the Hermetic Society of the G∴D∴. He is based in Arizona where he lives with his wife and their many animals.

Find all details on Jaime’s work and also how to get his books on his website here!


In the interview’s second part, Jaime and I are talking about “Astromusicology”, a special way Jaime uses to set a horoscope into music, to say it the easy way. More about this at THIS LINK.

In order to give you right away a practical example, Jaime set my personal natal chart into music, and you can hear it in the interview, starting at [1:23:44]. CLICK HERE to be linked directly to the right place in the YouTube version)

And here is my natal chart…

Have fun!

Music played in this episode

Our guest, Jaime Paul Lamb, is at the origin of all the music you will hear here today.

The third piece is just one of his all-time favourites, where former lead-singer of The Velvet Underground Nico with her sultry voice and ice-goddess presence put a spell on Jaime 🙂

The other pieces though see the musician Jaime Paul Lamb at work: first we hear him with the vocals and playing a 60’s Vox Jaguar organ with real good ol’ Garage Punk. His band is called “Thee Faded Pyctures”.

And finally, after the interview, that piece is a lenghty natal chard interpretation, like the one he did for Rudolf in the interview. You can find more of that on  THIS LINK (click here).

1) BORED AGAIN – Thee Faded Pyctures feat. Jaime Paul Lamb

(Track starts at [5:10])


2) SINGING THE WORLD – Thee Faded Pyctures feat. Jaime Paul Lamb

(Track starts at [8:40])


(Track starts at [54:14])

3) KAHDKHUDAH – from “The Birth of Iskandar, by Jaime Paul Lamb

(Track starts at [1:36:25])

Intro and Outro Music
especially written and recorded for the Thoth-Hermes Podcast by Chris Roberts

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