Finally this Sunday on the show I have the huge pleasure to welcome a multi-facetted poet, musician, sculptor and painter, film visual artist and of course magician Orryelle Defenestrate-Bascule.

Orryelle opens up about his childhood growing up in Perth, Australia, within a very conservative family and a very conservative place expressing himself in creative ways by writing and drawing and his ‘late huge awakening’ at age 19-20 in Sydney.

To Orryelle, art has always been a way of dealing with things that he initially thought to be disembodied – which will be another very relevant topic a bit later – and he shares how his personal boundaries between expressing himself by artistic mediums and consciously performing ritual work have blurred over time until finally all art and magic felt like one thing.

Of course, the question how such an amazing artist could develop and hone his skills will be asked and answered where again we experience the respective process of magic and art to be intertwined in inseparable ways.

We will also explore the Tarot deck Orryelle created more than 25 years ago and he will offer some insights into the very much intuitive creative process and explain why he chose to re-draw some of the cards around 10 years later but still prefers the rawness of the original ones in certain ways and how he considers them as one of the landmarks in his evolutionary process as both, an artist and magician.

As my guest is an extraordinary poet as well, we simply have to talk about his book on the magic of language with a title that can be translated into ‘Words Becoming Flesh’ containing a collection of his esoteric poems accompanied by amazing illustrations and an essay on the magic of language. The whole work will be published early next year (the exact date will be announced on our website) by none other than Jack Grayle at his newly founded publishing house Grayle Press. Actually, Orryelle will recite two wonderful examples of his poetry live on the show!

Last December Orryelle has released his first feature film based on his ritual theatre piece ‘Solve et Coagula’ asking himself and his audience what might have happened to Orpheus’ immortal singing head and some deeper esoteric meanings. This amazing work has won 15 awards since its release and we will go into depth on the motivation for making it in the first place, its elements, how the creative process (again) aligned itself with feelings of being disembodied.

Music played in this episode

Our first musical piece today has been chosen in remembrance and honour of one of the victims of the terrorist attack in Kongsberg/Norway on October 13, 2021.

ANDREA HAUGEN, aka NEBELHEXE, a wonderful musician from the Dark Ambient/Ritual/Neo-Folk-Scene was brutally murdered among with four other victims.

The other two tracks have been provided to us by today’s guest on the show, Orryelle Defenestrate-Bascule, the latter being an excerpt from the ambient music of his video production “SOLVE ET COAGULA”

1) LAGUZ – WITHIN THE LAKE – Nebelhexe

(Track starts at [5:54])


2) HEKATE CHARM – Orryelle & Catamara

(Track starts at [47:08])


3) DANCE OF THE NEW FLESH – From the  film “Solve et Coagula”

(Track starts at [1:36:05])

Intro and Outro Music
especially written and recorded for the Thoth-Hermes Podcast by Chris Roberts

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