Please welcome my guest this week who has not only written a widely-known book called ‘Occulture: The Unseen Forces That Drive Culture Forward’ but is also able to draw on an extensive personal experience with a colourful persona who is the main focus of his soon to be published new book ‘Anton LaVey and the Church of Satan: Infernal Wisdom from the Devil’s Den’. Some of you might be familiar with Carl Abrahamsson and it is a huge pleasure to have him back on the show.

Carl and LaVey back then…

We will start our episode with diving into Carl’s early 20s in the mid-80s talking about his early infatuation with the occult and the different avenues that eventually all led him meeting Anton LaVey in person.

During our conversation, we’re going to explore the whole concept of ‘subculture/underculture/American trash culture’ and analyse the power current that opens up with defining oneself as an outsider. Of course, LaVey’s and his Church of Satan’s role in this context, how he nurtured and also used the concept of being an outsider for his own purposes which eventually led to inspirations and ideas that are very alive today will be a huge focus of our conversation.

Carl Abrahamsson as a semi-fictional (?) character in the latest issue of Satanic Mojo Comix (no 7) in February 2022

We will also try to find some definition of ‘Satanism’, a word that might be very well called one of the most misunderstood/abused ones. We’ll talk about Crowley, Kenneth Anger, breaking taboos, the Temple of Seth parting its ways from the Church of Satan, the bridge between Satanism and Chaos magic(k) and much more.

Carl’s most recent book on Anton LaVey which is a mixture between a biography, a personal account and some interviews with people who actually knew LaVey is not only already available for pre-order but there is also a movie you’ll find in the show notes based on the book but different from it as both are complimenting each other and I really highly recommend checking out both.

In the end, we will take a close look on Carl’s upcoming projects including the next volume of ‘Occulture’ coming out in 2023 as well as his diaries which will be published at some point and I’m excited to announce that he will soon co-host an episode of the Thoth Hermes Podcast but we won’t spoil any details – yet.

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