In this episode, I have the pleasure to welcome a guest who really doesn’t need any introduction anymore, activist, author and practitioner of the occult arts, John Michael Greer who has been on the show several times in the past.

Our focus will be on John Michael’s most recent book titled, ‘The Twilight of Pluto: Astrology and the Rise and Fall of Planetary Influences’ as well as on a re-edition of his ‘Sacred Geometry Oracle’ and on another book on sacred geometry ‘The Way of the Golden Section: A Manual of Occult Training’ which will open a series we will discuss in detail during our conversation.

JMG as he’s used to be called in esoteric circles started to study astrology around 10 years ago and found out that it is a discipline that requires more dedication than others to reach a level of basic competence if done the ‘right way’. We’re going to talk about different systems of astrology and how students are able to recognise the one they are probably most compatible with.

Of course, due to the prominence of Pluto in JMG’s most recent book we will go into depths on the history of Pluto, its discovery and degradation and explore the interesting question why the astronomical status of a celestial object might be of importance for any serious astrologer by shedding some light on Uranus and Neptune and the different branches of astrology.

Sacred geometry will be our other big focus and we’ll be discussing its strong intersection with political and economical interests as it is nothing less than a tool for living in harmony and participating as humanity in the big picture. Of course, we will talk about the origins of sacred geometry, Ancient Egypt, Pythagoras, the influence of Eastern Esoteric traditions and try to find some definition for this discipline as a method for initiation.

JMG will also introduce us to his amazing plan of a series of (so far) 7 books which will work together as systematic training manuals in a whole set of classical disciplines such as sacred geometry, occult philosophy, astrology and more in order to provide interested students of the occult with an encompassing workable practical knowledge that enables them to develop a strong basis which technique and practice are core elements to.

We will close our conversation with a philosophical exchange why humans need sacred geometry at all and what higher purpose it ultimately might serve and have a look into the future projects of JMG including an astrology book on how to look at daily transits across the natal chart titled ‘Perfect Timing’.

Our three tracks this week are rather long and mostly classical. I hope you will enjoy!

1)AGNUS DEI by Samuel Barber – sung by the Slovene Philharmonic Chorus

I chose this track for a particular reason: Samuel Barber’s “Adagio for Strings” is a wonderful orchestral piece, used for mourning and thoughtful moments all over the western world. It is often interpreted with a liturgical text (mostly the Agnus Dei) by Acappella choruses. The particularity here is that it is sung in the style of the Eastern Orthodox Church, and it sounds wonderful. To me, it is a perfect example that we have to bring together different thinking and cultures rather than divide them. 

(Track starts at [10:35])

2) PLUTO, THE RENEWER by Colin Matthews

When Gustav Holst wrote his famous (also among non-classical audiences) masterpiece “The Planets” in 1916, Pluto was not yet discovered. So it seemed necessary to add Pluto to this piece later. British composer Colin Matthews undertook the task in 2000 and created, in my view, a masterpiece, which we play here. 

(Track starts at [59:54])

3) ODE TO DEATH by Gustav Holst

But Gustav Holst must still be present in this show, being one of the rare composers admitting theosophic influences in his art. Some say that had he known about Pluto during his lifetime, the piece would have sounded a bit like this “Ode to Death”, one of his last and certainly finest choral works.

(Track starts at [1:44:48])

Intro and Outro Music
especially written and recorded for the Thoth-Hermes Podcast by Chris Roberts

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