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This is not an episode like all the others. This is our Special Seasonal Edition – Samhain 2017!

Many friends have contributed to give you a special view on how they see Samhain. – Halloween. Listen to Helene Arts, Diana Rajcher, Martin Faulks, Greg Kaminsky and Thomas Karlsson. And enjoy texts by Wendy Rule, Gabriel McCaughry, Virgil, and Edgar Allan Poe (yes, him!).

All of this garnished with music for the occasion – all also contributed as a gift by our friends.



Show Notes and Links

Contributors in order of appearance and links to their work:
(Music see below)

published on Falcon Book Publishing

Occult of Personality Podcast

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Dragon Rouge

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Anathema Publishing

Music played

Intro Music: WENDY RULE – from the CD “Deity”: Think of the Day

LIM: ‘Fate & Dearth (part.2)’
From the EP: ‘PILLARS’ Perichoresis, released in: 2016
Style: Experimental Ambient
Arrangements and Electronica, by Karl Turpin.
Composition and Acoustic Instrumentation, by Simonne Perron.
Concept by Gabriel McCaughry (of Anathema Publishing Ltd.)


I am not a ghost
I am nobody
I am real
Can’t you believe that I’m not dead
I wish this was true

Can’t you see all the suffering that you caused
Do you want to see mine
I believed you when I was a child
I prayed for you each day
Waiting for an angel
Coming from the heavens
Looking to the sky
With all those memories

I am not a ghost
I am nobody
I am real
Can’t you believe that I’m not dead
I wish this was true

Listening to groans
Weakening of hope
Suffering an eternal wound
The world forgets
But those which remain never forget
Who are you to let children see the sparkling in the sky
Up and far away
Spirits and the dead
Flying over our heads

All the ghosts from my past
Came and told me my story
I was alone
God, why do you hate me
To leave me on earth?

Requesting the lost forgiveness

Montreal-based industrial rock group, Projekt F, are well-known for their emotionally intense music and powerful stage theatrics. Founded in 2009, the band is comprised of lead singer and main composer Jonh M. Miller, bassist William Hicks, guitarist Simon B. Doiron and drummer Fred Linx Gauthier.
Coined by one reviewer as “the heavy brother of Nine Inch Nails”, Projekt F have over the years evolved into a group that commands as much visual attention as it does musical. They have played to audiences in Canada and the United States, sharing the stage with numerous internationally known artists and playing a variety of festivals in North America.
In addition to Projekt F’s live performances, their song “Oophorectomy” was featured in the 2013 Cannes Film Festival short movie “Purpl Love” (Les Films de la Meute), and they appeared in a science-fiction TV pilot, performing their song ‘’Room 13’’.
Projekt F’s music has been played by radio stations around the world. To date they have released 1 album and 3 EPs, to numerous rave reviews. “Stunning”, “powerful”, and “brilliant” are just some of the many words that have been used to describe the music of Projekt F – a band with an all-consuming dedication to musical excellence and vivid live experiences.
Projekt F is can be reached via their website at .

WENDY RULE – Dissolve, from the CD “World between worlds”

BLIGHT – VoidLight
From the EP: ‘The Teachings’ released in: 2016
Style: Luciferian Black Metal
Music by BLIGHT (Pascal, Rob, Cedric & Gabriel),
Lyrics by Gabriel McCaughry (of Anathema Publishing Ltd.),
Recorded & mixed by by Jean-Baptiste Joubaud, at Studio Lantiez.

Outro Music: WENDY RULE – from the CD “Deity”: Night Sea Journey

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