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NEWSLETTER N°3, January 5th, 2020

Hello, dear friends and listeners,


I am very happy that today we can launch our Season 4! We are approaching altogether the 50th episode, and I am really very pleased and grateful where this podcast has gone so far.

Those of you who know me a bit will already understand that new beginnings also come with new ideas and new developments. I think that something you like has to move on, bearing in mind what works and is appreciated, but also always looking to improve and bring novelty.

Today, in our first episode, our interview guest is Natasha Helvin. She is, as she writes on her website, “a writer, an occultist, hereditary witch, and priestess in the traditional Caribbean religion as well as an avid scholar of tradition / religion and simply woodland creature who feeds on folklore and magic!”

By her name you might have guessed that her roots lie further east. She was born and brought up in the former Soviet Union, in a small secluded village, until she was 18. So she inherited her passion for magic from her mother and earlier generations, learned the secrets of magic and healing from her home country. Recently she has published two books with Inner Traditions, “Slavic Witchcraft” and “Russian Black Magic”. It is mainly about those two books that we will talk, about the tradition from the East that she experienced and carries in her.

Longer seasons – more variety

This episode (Season 4/1) is what I always called so far a “regular episode” – based on a lengthy interview, with some music and comments from yours truly. And no worries, this kind of episode will stay at the center of my work. But it won’t be called “regular” any longer.

Let me explain. The season that we start today will now not be 12 episodes long, but 24, and – if all goes well – you will get a new episode every week, every Sunday at 3 p.m., Central European Time. But there will be different kinds of formats alternating. The usual, so-called regular format, then Ex Libris, but also other types, like what we earlier called Special Episodes, or round-table discussions, or from time to time a special feature around a particularly fascinating subject. And we even now plan for the first video episodes! Be assured, also the video episodes will still always be available in audio-only and in a regular podcast format. But it does not make sense any longer to distinguish between those types and only call the regular ones a season. So, every week should bring a new surprise to you!

Titled episodes

What you might already have spotted as new, is the title of this episode. I want to give a “name” to each of them, and as this time we speak about the Russian magical tradition, I called this episode in a bit a cheeky way “From Russia with Magic”. Just a little thing of mine…

But the main thing is of course always the content and quality of it, and I hope that also there you will experience a steady improvement. I will need to do some experimenting with technology on roundtables and videos, but as with the normal interviews, it is experience who will teach me. So be patient with me on those things!

Please support this podcast!

Please let me also use the opportunity to once again ask for your support. To produce a podcast, costs money. For the moment, I have always carried that burden myself, just helped by a couple of Patreon members. But I need to ask you again to support this venture, otherwise there might come the point where I have to think about it or reduce my productivity. On Patreon you can become a supporter already a 2$ per episode, and only a maximum of three episodes a month will be charged. So from 6$ a month you are part of it. Of course, there are also higher tiers, but that is where it starts. And every single dollar is appreciated.

So please go to and join! If you rather prefer to do a one-off donation, then please go to and click on the “Donate” button. Thank you so much!

If you happen to own an esoteric bookstore, produce and/or sell products for occultists, etc. or if you just like the podcast and would like to join your company’s image to ours, consider a sponsorship (one episode or seasonal)! Do get in touch at and we will discuss that.

Ok, dear friends and listeners, that is it for today. I hope you will not only enjoy this episode, but also our entire Season 4 with all its new features.

Take care, stay tuned, hear you soon!


Rudolf aka Gnothi