update – update – update : August 2,2018

I am very happy to announce that the Enodia press website enodiapress.com is up and running again. Nicholas has contacted me, the server had just by coincidence been down when I was preparing and launching the podcast episode. Sorry about that. But I am glad that Enodia and Nicholas are doing well and look forward to further releases by them.

This is a translation rather than a new work, but there are several remarkable aspects to it.

First, I need to talk about Enodia Press, a Mexican publisher that has produced this book in a very nice and bibliophile way. Have a look at the image and see for yourself. The book is a really nice, a little piece of book jewelry, bound in blue linen with a silver engraving on the front. Secondly, it is not the first time that Enodia and Nicolas Alvarez Ortiz present a long-awaited translation into English of one of the most interesting and exciting German occult texts, “Grosser und gewaltiger Meergeist” by Dr. Johann Faust. In fact, this is a Grimoire, in its English translation called “Dr. Johannes Faust’s Mightiest Sea-Spirit” and it is one of the texts out of the large German Faustian tradition, believed to have been written in the 16thcentury, but it is probably about 100 years younger than that.

As its title suggest, the conjurations and the subject that it includes mostly relate to the water element and the sea. After a lengthy and extremely erudite and interesting introduction to the text, we find the English translation of the three parts of this document. The first is called like the title of this book, the second “Conjuration and Call of the Sea-Spirit of Doctpr Faust” and the third “Veritable Jesuite Coercion of Hell”.

And then you will find as appendices first a ritual called “Arcanum Experientia Preciosum” and – yes indeed – the full German original text of the work. So this small beautiful book does not only give you a full and very detailed and appealing English translation with beautiful reproductions of the original illustrations and sigils etc., but also the original text as a reference for those who want to see the real source and those who speak German all that you need. And this makes this book in my opinion quite extraordinary. A must-have for all Grimoire collectors and for people interested in Faustian Tradition, be it in German or in an English translation.

I did receive this book for review a few months ago, as you can imagine, and what worries me a bit is that when I now wanted to create this page with all the links etc. I realized that the website of Enodia Press was down, and I could not reach Nicola via Facebook as previously, either. Well, hopefully, this is only temporary and Enodia will be back soon. And if anyone knows what is going on or finds a trace where to get this book, please let me know so I can complete this reference page.