This book by Falcon Books Publishing was issued in 2016 and is called “The Path of the Mystic”, authored by Ray del Sole, also a writer using a pseudonym. He lives in Germany, near Frankfurt, works as a Naturopath for Psychotherapy and as a Spiritual healer and is an expert in metaphysics and mysticism.

The subtitle of this book also clarifies a few things: “Special edition for Franz Bardon practitioners”. And this is how I understood this book and how I believe it was meant: it is the approach to the teachings and practice of Franz Bardon not so much for the hermetist or the magical practitioner, but rather for the mystic. He takes those teachings and explains to us in 33 short chapters the different aspects and approaches the interested student should or can have to use Franz Bardon’s techniques as a mystical approach. I would like to mention the titles of some chapters  to give you an idea:
The Right Kind of Sacrifices
Healing through Divine Unity
Universal Religion
Uniting with God, as Bardon describes
A Technique of Praying
I think this makes you understand the approach that Ray del Sole is taking. Even though the mystical path has not (yet?) opened all his secrets and mysteries to me, I find the approach he is taking extremely fascinating and rather unique. This is certainly a work that will make Bardon more available and interesting to students and occultists with a mystical approach. And if you want to know my opinion on that, this is a very good thing. The more people understand and practice Bardon’s hermetic teachings, the better.

So, highly recommended for the appropriate audience.

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