“The Spirit of Magic” was published in May 2017 by Falcon Books Publishing. Its author goes by the pseudonym of Virgil, and as a subtitle he gives us “Rediscovering the Heart of our Sacred Art”. Virgil, who seems to live in America, has come across occultism quite some time ago and seems to have gone through many paths and schools like so many of us do: intrigued by the paranormal, he made experiences with Solomonic evocation, Qabbalah, Tarot, Ceremonial Magic etc. But then he got fed up and put everything away. Until one day through the writings of William Mistele he discovered the books of Franz Bardon, and that seems to have been a revelation for him.

I am telling you all this because it seems important to me to know when you approach his book. Because at first, when you read the table of contents for example, you might be a bit overwhelmed by the number of topics and the extensiveness of his broad approach. And you might think that this is just another book where someone describes everything that is around in the occult world without going in-depth anywhere. But if you have thought so, you were wrong. As Virgil has made the experience I described, and as his main focus in approaching all the other subjects is now through the work, eyes and teachings of Franz Bardon, this has become a really fascinating book that might help many readers, who like Virgil are maybe still searching their own path, their own experience, to actually find it. In a very easily readable, contemporary language he explains to the reader how he would approach matters of life and of magic in life. I particularly like his chapters on the balance of the Elements and the one named “Walking the path”. Reading Vergil’s texts makes you think that magic is so natural, that you don’t see a way without it. And well, is there really a way through life without it?

To give you an impression, I would like to cite the small chapter where he talks about the famous magical quadriga: to know, to dare, to will, to keep silence. Here is what he has  to say about “to know”:

Most students of magic assume this means the accumulation of facts, figures, correspondences and theories. This is only a small part of the sort of knowledge required of a magician.
To know what is important and what is not
To know what are the essentials and what are the details
To know what is worth your time
To know how much of your time it is worth
To know where to look for opportunities
To know how to seize opportunities
To know when to persist and when to quit
To know what you want in life
To know why you are practicing magic
To know yourself.
These are the things that are truly worth knowing. Such knowledge cannot be gained by studying the Zohar, or the knowledge lectures of the Golden Dawn, or the theory section of Initiation into Hermetics. It can only be gained by studying yourself and your life.

This book is really to be recommended for any student of the occult path as a help to finding your own way and yourself .

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