Orryelle Defenestrate is a ChaOrder Magician and Baphometic avatar somewhat obsessed with physical reification and Malkuthian manifestation. While s/he does enjoy shamanic and astral journeys, s/he is not content to just travel to other dimensions, rather enjoying bringing back aspects of them to the physical plane.

S/he is thus constantly reburbishing hir Temple, that is the physical form seen as a malleable tool: Physical mutations as magickal acts (chakra piercing and weaving, Tattoo Tarot Tantra…), Body Art, Sex Magic and Environment Sculpting.

As a vessel for these processes and others, hir Metamorphic Ritual Theatre Company presents public rituals aiming to transform rather than merely entertain the audiences – who thus be-come the initiates, sometimes being led through environmental installations (such as Labyrinths woven through the woods) while interacting directly with other characters.
Such ritual theatre is infused with symbology gleaned from Orryelle’s studies and practises in alchemy and various mythologies (especially Egyptian, Hindu, Norse and Greek).