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I have to ask for your continued patience until new episodes will appear on THOTH-HERMES. My personal work – both spiritually and also in our day-to-day world – still demand my full attention and does not leave me enough time and energy to provide you with the quality of podcast work both you and I expect from THOTH-HERMES.

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Season 5-Episode 8 – Witchy Scholar-Amy Hale

Season 5-Episode 8 – Witchy Scholar-Amy Hale

In this episode, Rudolf talks about a wide variety of aspects of being a scholar and an active esotericist, politics and the Occult, about Art and occultism, etc. to AMY HALE She is an Anthropologist and Folklorist specializing in modern Cornwall and contemporary esoteric history and culture. She has published academic and popular articles on topics such as modern Druidry, Cornish...

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The two last episodes

Season 5-Episode 7 – The Divine Feminine-Georgia van Raalte

Season 5-Episode 7 – The Divine Feminine-Georgia van Raalte

She is certainly one of the most interesting young voices in the field of Occultism and Rudolf is very happy to welcome  GEORGIA VAN RAALTE in this Episode!   Georgia van Raalte is an academic, author, and Priestess of Babalon. She is a PhD candidate at the University of Surrey, where her research explores textual initiation, sexual magic, and the occult fiction of Dion Fortune. Her first...

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Season 5-Episode 6 – Thelema!-David Shoemaker

Season 5-Episode 6 – Thelema!-David Shoemaker

Rudolf has the pleasure to welcome David Shoemaker on this new episode in a fascinating talk not only about O.T.O. and A.:A.:   Dr. David Shoemaker is a clinical psychologist in private practice, specializing in Jungian and cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy. David is the Chancellor and Prolocutor of the Temple of the Silver Star. He has been a member of O.T.O. and a student of A∴A∴ since...

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A few words about this page

Thoth-Hermes has been a plan I have been cherishing for a while: a website treating different subjects from the world of the Western Esoteric Tradition  … At the centre of the activity there is a podcast, presenting mainly high quality interviews with important authors, thinkers and and experts, but also other aspects of the field.

I am European. Over the centuries Europe has given birth to most of the currents of what we call the Western Tradition. Over the last century or so there has been a shift towards North America, where many of the leading experts are now located. Also what we find on the internet comes often out of North America and the Anglo-Saxon world. Thoth-Hermes will try to give a strong European accent to our field, but is of course at any time open to esotericists from the whole planet.

I am an Artist. This is why I have also a special interest in artists who are working with influences and impressions from the Esoteric realm in their art, be it performing arts, music or visual art. The podcast and the website will therefore regularly feature artists and their work.

Talk to us!

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