In this episode, Rudolf talks to New Zealand born artist and author Charlotte Rodgers, who now lives in the UK, about her background, her art, what her art means to her and why magic IS art!

Charlotte Rodgers is an artist and author who is also an animist and nondenominational practising witch and magickian.

She conceived and co-edited “A Contemporary Western Book of the Dead” and wrote “The Bloody Sacrifice” and “P is for Prostitution”, all published by Mandrake of Oxford.

Charlotte has had her work published in magazines which include The Cauldron, The Oracle and SilkMilk, and in anthologies published by Avalonia and Scarlet Imprint. She has spoken at Edinburgh, York and Leicester Universities; The Museum of Morbid Anatomy in New York; ‘Psychoanalysis Art and The Occult’ in London and at many other events and venues.

In 2017 she was awarded an Arts Council grant to spend ten days investigating and blogging about the New York art world. The art of Charlotte Rodgers has been exhibited widely throughout the UK, including at the Pallant House Outsider Art Exhibition, and has also been shown in New York.

Music played in this episode



1) BABYLON GATE – from the Album “The Ancient” (2017) by Hassan Ismail

Hassan is a Lebanese/Phoenician Artist born in 1993 in Sidon Lebanon,since he was 10 years old he had mysterious love for mysticism and God in search for truth to solve this mystery called life. Moral values where always on his path, as all of this shaped the music he plays today,

He is a self-taught artist that was able to discover his music through contemplation and being one with music.

Today Hassan resides in Phoenix Arizona US. He performs locally there and published three Albums so far, “The Ancient” 2017 , “Illusions” 2019, “Entropia” 2019.

You will be able to hear more of his music in a few weeks on this podcast.




2) THE FROZEN CALL – Ancient Nordic Chant performed by Jonna Jinton


(Track 1 starts at [8:50], Track 2 at [56:53], Track 3 at [1:34:16])



Intro and Outro Music
especially written and recorded for the Thoth-Hermes Podcast by Chris Roberts

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