In this episode, Rudolf talks about a wide variety of aspects of being a scholar and an active esotericist, politics and the Occult, about Art and occultism, etc. to AMY HALE

She is an Anthropologist and Folklorist specializing in modern Cornwall and contemporary esoteric history and culture. She has published academic and popular articles on topics such as modern Druidry, Cornish ethnonationalism, Arthurian lore, color theory, occult aesthetics, and extremist politics in modern Paganism.

She has written widely on artist and occultist Ithell Colquhoun, and her biography of Colquhoun, Genius of the Fern Loved Gully, is available from Strange Attractor Press. (CLICK HERE TO BE BROUGHT TO THE PUBLISHER’S WEBSITE)

She is also the editor of the forthcoming Essays on Women in Western Esotericism: Beyond Seeresses and Sea Priestesses (Palgrave Macmillan).

She resides in Atlanta with her family, five cats, and a 250-year-old oak tree.


Other writings can be found at her Medium site

and her website


Works by Ithell Colquhoun

Music played in this episode

I am very happy and proud that DAVID IANNI, who is one of the regular listeners of our podcast, has allowed me to play his music on the show. And I think this will not be the last time we hear his music on Thoth Hermes!

David Ianni comes from Luxembourg and is a critically acclaimed classical pianist and a composer of more than 120 works, including compositions for the piano and sacred choral music. His music has been performed throughout Europe, India and Japan.

David has become well-known for his project MY URBAN PIANO for which a series of nine music videos was produced in different European Capitals of Culture. He dedicated an original composition to each city and performed it on artistically designed pianos. Most of the pianos were donated to institutions of the cities. Not only is David a musical ambassador for his home country, but also for the European Idea.

You can find out all about DAVID IANNI and where to buy his music by clicking on this line!

In this episode, we play his entire work “THE CLOUD OF UNKNOWING”, op.118, from the album “My Urban Piano”

1)  I – Into Silence
II – Beyond the Stars

2)  III – Mysterious Cloud
IV – Wings of Hope

3)  V – Timelessness

(Track 1 starts at [8:05], Track 2 at [59:16], Track 3 at [1:38:15])



Intro and Outro Music
especially written and recorded for the Thoth-Hermes Podcast by Chris Roberts

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