My guest of this episode is someone quite a few of our listeners may already know a bit, initiate and author Nick Farrell who just published two new books, we’ll be talking about in the show.

But firstly, our conversation starts with the changes of our days due to the pandemic and how it influenced and still does magicians and magic all over the world. We explore how a pretty dangerous form of polarisation seems to have taken over making people form tribes in more extreme ways than before adopting a hunt-and-kill-mentality. However, we also discuss the role of the balanced magician in this weird game and reflect on the need to look at different ideas before acting on them.

Of course, Nick’s latest book, ‘Star and Stone’, a ground breaking work about geomancy and its connection to astrology will be a central topic in our episode. We’ll be talking about the origins of geomancy, how it evolved as elemental theory was applied to it and how it was used for horary charts in terms of interpretation. We’ll be exploring its advantages compared to other divination techniques such as the tarot as well.

Part of our conversation will cover the modern purposes of this specific divination method on a magical level too such as checking on ritual working outlines before one is to implement them as geomancy is able to offer real black and white perspectives. We’ll also be looking at some interesting parallels and differentiations between the geomancy, the I Ching, Golden Dawn watchtowers and Enochian chess as well.

You’ll have the opportunity to learn about Nick’s second book too – actually a recently republished one that hasn’t been available for reasonable prices for quite a while – ‘Mather’s Last Secret’. It offers a collection of the papers of the Alpha & Omega Golden Dawn organisation which used to be Crowley’s temple at the time he left the Golden Dawn. Nick is going to tell their highly fascinating background story and opening up about the motivation to publish them and how they can be used by modern day practitioners in order to get out the most of them.

Another very important topic will be the need for orders and rituals to develop if not wanting to fall apart or become meaningless repetitions of the same story until no candidate is able to relate to them anymore and ultimately plunging into being lost and/or forgotten. The art of how this development has to take place is of course a different matter altogether as there’s a delicate balance between sticking to certain words and/or movements ‘due to tradition’ and letting things get out of control completely ‘due to innovation’.

Nick will finally give us a glimpse on his upcoming book projects where quite a few are in line having waited patiently until he finished his amazing book on geomancy that I personally can’t recommend highly enough for anyone interested in divination in general.

Music played in this episode

It seems to me already like if I had a new little “sensation” to announce for our musical program here on this podcast. I am extremely happy and proud that the music here has also become a bit of a trademark of this show and it makes me even happier that more and more of this music comes from YOU, the listeners!!

And today the musical gift is quite spectacular. Its creator contacted me to send me his new album to use on the show. And you bet I am happy about that!!!

So, today’s music is by KRISTER LINDER. Let me cite his website for you:

Elusive Swedish-Congolese Artist / Producer Returns from The U.S. With an Album of Dirty Gold.

His music sets the tone in award winning feature films. Global fashion giants such as H&M, Fendi, Agent Provocateur and Chanel battle it out with his sound. But the man himself is not easily found. Now 13 years after the solo debut “Songs From the Silent Years,” sound alchemist Krister Linder resurfaces with a new album; self-produced in New York, mixed in Los Angeles and mastered in Stockholm.

With gold records and radio hits from various projects dating back as far as the late eighties, plus a substantial body of work in the 90’s Stockholm underground electronic era (under an array of pseudonyms like Tupilaq, Yeti, Solaroid etc), Linder has been a prominent but equally mysterious figure on the Swedish music scene. After winning the awards for Best Music For Film (for two consecutive years in a row) at the Stockholm International Film Festival, Linder in 2009 decides to sell his stuff and cross the Atlantic to subject himself to a whole new existence – in a land and city where he has neither a past, track record or advantage.

Want to know more or buy his downloads? Go to




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especially written and recorded for the Thoth-Hermes Podcast by Chris Roberts

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