Going beyond the Little White Book is the title of a book by Liz Worth, published through Lulu a little less than a year ago. The subtitle tells you more clearly what Liz wants to tell us: A contemporary Guide to Tarot. The little white book that is mentioned in the title means those tiny, often badly if at all bound booklets that you get when you buy a new tarot deck. Well, here we get a rather big book with over 350 pages, which should be able to answer you probably most of the questions you have about the Tarot, if that is at all possible.

Another book on the Tarot, you might ask? So, what is the purpose of this one, why should I get it, is it for me? I think, the answer is partly stated in the mentioned subtitle. This book brings a very concise and modern approach to the Tarot, it is probably the book you have been waiting for if you want a wide and thorough introduction into what the Tarot can give you today. Card by card Liz Worth explains meanings in different situations of modern life, gives you a mantra for each of the 72 cards, the intention of the card and a lengthy interpretation of its significance.

This will not be your only book about the Tarot. If you want to learn about different spreads, about the history of the Tarot etc, etc, you will need to buy more books, because Going beyond the Little White Book does not offer you that. It sticks exactly to what its title says. It is the book that will extend the little white book of your deck so much that you then will know how to deal with the deck, and you will probably have become curious and knowledgeable enough to search further for your next step with the book of Thoth, as the Tarot is also called.

Liz Worth is herself a professional Tarot reader and astrologer. I think that her book is a very good starting point for many beginners, but can also be interesting to more experienced Tarot readers to get a broad view on meanings and significances. So, recommended!

You can buy this book here !